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Seribu Rasa Jakarta - Lotte Shopping Avenue

Seribu Rasa is one of best Indonesian seafood restaurant in Jakarta. All the seafood here is served in Indonesian and South-East Asian style mostly singapore, malaysia and thailand. So you can find an authentic asian cuisine here. They're in the same company as Penang Bistro, Hongkong Cafe (HKC) and Tatsuya (all asian food). Seribu Rasa opened first time in Jl. Haji Agus Salim and be one of the most favourite and well-known restaurant, also government officials often come here, and now they already have some branch. The new one is at the new shopping mall too, Lotte Shopping Avenue.

Even Lotte Shopping Avenue (Ciputra World) still new, they had so many food place, one of them is Seribu Rasa. I went here with my family and after discover some restaurant, our chosen one was Seribu Rasa, because we're quite hungry and sure that this restaurant would be good as usual. 

They're located on 3rd floor, next to the escalator (if you took the same as me) There's a big sign board "Seribu Rasa" and the staffs were so friendly and looked good in Indonesian traditional dress. This restaurant has some dining area, and they had private room too, so they're big enough. There's a lot of big table for big amount of people. Actually when I was there, they're not too busy, because they just opened. 

The ambience was really great, all woddy interior and relaxing view with warm lighting, I love the concept. Even they're modern but still not lost their traditional touch by the ornament they used. There's a huge cabinet where the brandy's bottle has been set up. I rarely find that stuff in Indonesian restaurant. They have wide variety of food, and mostly seafood. Food are served in unique and unsual cooking style, and makes me so interested to try it.

>> Squid Satay Labuan
IDR 50.000

Well said, here's the appetaizer but I don't think so. It's more like main course and guess what? They came after the rice hmmm if we look at the portion and of course the seasoning, they're not fit for appetaizer at all. Forget about that and let's eat ! There's no fishy aroma and looks so tempeting. Five skewers of tasty grilled squid, what can I say except they're awesome !! The squid was fresh and chewy, of course perfectly seasoning. Anyway, named "Labuan" a little confusing me, because as I know Labuan is a coast in Banten area, but when I was googling it to make sure, the result showed that Labuan is an island in Malaysia. So which Labuan they mean? hmm the point is they're excellent, and I hope they're in Indonesian style :p

>> Golden Prawn Siam Style
IDR 85.000

Next menu, I had Golden Prawn Siam Style.They're fried prawn sauteed in salted egg sauce. I always love salted egg combined with seafood, they're a perfect match ! They're so crispy , you could eat them all in single bite, the taste of their golden egg yolk sauce was so damn delicious !! One of the recommended menu here, and whenever you came here, just try it and you'll be satisfy. But there's one bad thing, the portion was small for me HAHA. Because, I really like them.

>> Tauco Tahu Udang
IDR 60.000

This menu was so Indonesian I think, and they're superb !! Fried tofu and prawn were sauteed in tauco sauce with string bean, baby corn and petai. Personally, I don't like petai, but in the dish they always give sensation which make it more delicious even I didn't eat them. What I love the most from the dish was the sauce, spicy tauco hmmm nothing compare this kind of sauce. Salt, chili, sugar and pepper were in balanced, so amazed with the chef, thanks chef for serving me a really great dish ;)

>> Es Campur Seribu Rasa
IDR 35.000

As the dessert I had Es Campur Seribu Rasa, one of the best seller here. Actually they're an usual Indonesian es campur, contain of grass jelly, pacar cina, kolang-kaling, merah delima, jelly and nata de coco. Top with mango flavoured shaved iced and coconut milk. So fresh ! Love them a lot, nice presentation good taste. Not too sweet for me. Really nice option to finish your dinner.

>> Ice Lemon Tea and Coke

Ice Lemon Tea and Coke for drink, and I shouldn't comment anything about that I think hehe, but sorry because I forgot the price but if I'm not mistaken they're quite over-price for me. Approximately IDR 25.000-30.000 as I remember. What can I say, do you want to have dinner withour any drink? I don't think so ;) 

For you who like Indonesian and Asian taste, you should come and try Seribu Rasa. Beside seafood, they also serve poultry and meat, so if you who allergic to seafood, you can enjoy this restaurant too. Now, if I met foreigner friends I always recommend Seribu Rasa for them if they want to eat Indonesian food. All the price exclude 10% tax and 5% service. Enjoy the fascinating gastronomic journey of "One Thousand Flavours". 

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Seribu Rasa
Lotte Shopping Avenue, 3rd floor
Jl. Prof. Doktor Satrio no.5
Jakarta Selatan
+62 21 2988 9318


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