Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pannacotta Etc. Jakarta

How about spending your weekend with sweet treats? Hmm such a really great idea, me also spending my weekend with my partner in food ! We chose Pannacotta Etc. as our dessert after we had lunch at Le Quartier. Let me introduce a little about my partner, Shelmi Setiawan and Angelina Yuliana. Shelmi Setiawan is a graphic designer who found The Delicacies Journal and Angelina Yuliana is a graphic designer too who found Food Liberator and also my cousin hehe. So I'm a next doctor between two graphic designers. Different background but same passion, FOOD !


We walk around this mall first to discover if there's some great place for us, but finally Pannacotta Etc. still be our choice that day, because we want something sweet but still light, and panncotta is perfect for that condition. Pannacotta is a sweet delight which looks like pudding, but the texture is more wet, like silk tofu not as chewy as pudding or jelly. I've tried so many pannacotta in Jakarta, and mostly they're great for the taste, but the texture is not as I expected. Let we see what Pannacotta Etc. had !

Pannacotta Etc. is located in One Pacific Place Mall, on the 4th floor opposite of Aksara. The store is quite simple and small, just a counter where the pannacotta is ready to serve and 5-6 tables in the dining area, but still cozy. The warm lighting here is quite good, I love the ambience they offer. All the staffs here is friendly too, beside Pannacotta they also serve Panini but they're claimed as Side Dish, and the Main Course?? Pannacotta of course :D

As they're a Pannacotta Speciality, of course there will be a wide variety of panncotta here yap 11 Flavours :
- INFATUATION, Classic with Butterscoth
- ADDICTION, Classic with Baileys
- BERRYLICIOUS, Classic with Mix Berries
- PLEASURE, Mint with Dark Chocolate
- OBSESSION, Espresso de Creme
- DELIGHT, Tiramisu with Coffee
- CONFESSION, Double Chocolate
- SENSATION, Cheese with Raspberry
- SEDUCTION, Banana with Hazelnut Choco
- BALANCE, Green Tea with White Cream
- Pannacotta Affogatto, Classic with freshly brewed espresso

All the pannacotta is on the same price, IDR 30.000 except Affogatto, they're IDR 37.000 and you can have it dine-in or take away , but Affogatto only for dine-in. They're all great, but the texture of pannacotta is still too chewy for me, so it's more like pudding or jelly. I expect something more wet and mouth-watering. Their classic pannacotta is tasteless if you're not add the extra syrup.

IDR 30.000

Classic pannacotta with butterscotch, hmm they taste quite good, and the level of sweetness is good too for me, but the butterscotch sauce is a little not my kind of taste, actually they taste like caramel. But you should try by yourself, because every people's opinion is different. Maybe you could infatuate with it? Let your tounge speaking ;)

IDR 30.000

Maybe, they're not over-rated this pannacotta, because they called ADDICTION and successfully makes me addictive !! Classic pannacotta with Baileys syrup, and of course which make it really great is the syrup, the rhum is quite strong, and gives punch ! If you come here, I recommend you to order this one.

IDR 30.000

For, coffee lovers maybe you should try this, tiramisu pannacotta with coffee. The pannacotta taste better than the classic one, has good aroma of coffee too, and the extra coffee sauce gives delight sensation in your mouth. 

IDR 30.000

Banana pannacotta with Hazlenut Choco syrup ! Damn, they're really seductive. I always love combination between banana and chocolate, and Hazlenut choco was so much better ! The level of sweetness is still acceptable for me, even it's the sweetest. 

Overall, they serve a really great pannacotta even the texture still not what I'm expected. But I really love their pannacotta, next time if I'm craving for pannacotta, to be honest I will come here definetely ! Anyway the price has already included tax and service, so don't hesitate to come here ! Think about pannacotta, think Pannacotta Etc.

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Pannacotta Etc.
One Pacific Place, 4th floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.52-53
(021) 6797 3540

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