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Le Quartier Jakarta

Le Quartier is one of French restaurant in Jakarta, I think french restaurant become so popular nowadays, one of the reason is their ambience and of course the food. Le Quartier is a fine-dining restaurant which opened last July. Even they still new but I think they already win people's heart, because as we can see, they always full when lunch or dinner.

Le Quartier is located at Gunawarman, one of the strategic street and always crowded, because along this street there's a lot of food place and I think most of them are great ! So when they open here, I think that's a really great idea, because Jakarta people love to try something new. It's not hard to find Le Quartier because they're the first restaurant in Gunawarman street I think, and there's a pretty big signboard "Le Quartier", if you come from Wolter Monginsidi, just go straight ahead, when you find KFC on your right, turn right, and you'll find Le Quartier on your left.

The named is taken from french languange means "The Neighbourhood" , yes you can see from the exterior, they just look like a classic european house comes in white and blue. Looks so classy from outside, but one thing I don't really like is their parking area, this big restaurant, only provide minimum parking-area even they have valet parking service. This fine-dining restaurant is found by Chris Janssens, a restauranteur who also owns Ninety Nine Cafe and Cassis.

Wood elements is dominating all of the interior here and I really like their ambience. Vintage lamp make this restaurant looks more elegant, and there's also chandeliers to bring it more classic. There's a bar when you get in here, and you'll see some mural on the wall which give the art point in this lovely restaurant. The service is quite good, all of the staffs are polite and diligent, but I think they're over-diligent, because when I have lunch here, one of the waiter clean up my table even there's still a cut of chicken without any permission

Le Quartier offers you a wide variety of food and of course french dish, soup, salad, pizza, pasta, grill, and many more, also they have some great mocktails. French restaurant without wine is impossible, and they have so many options for wine lovers here. Anyway, here some of their menu I've tried.

>> Complimentary Bread

As I told you before, that they have quite great service and diligent, after we order the complimentary bread will be served so fast. So, they have perfect timing for it. Assorted french toast served with butter and salt. Honestly, I never had a bread with salt, as we knew french toast has a rough texture, because it's gonna crispy outside, it's a wheat bread, healthy and will be a great to start your course.

>> Le Quartier Cooler
IDR 38.000

On this sunny day, I want some fresh beverage, and mocktails will be great idea, they have some of great option for that. Le Quartier Cooler contains blueberry, lemon , strawberry, and mint with soda water, it's so fresh, sweet and sour, and what makes it more lovely is the fresh blueberry inside hmmm. When you're looking for mocktails, it's gonna be good to order Le Quartier Cooler.

>> Ice Pomelo & Lychee
IDR 38.000

Still from mocktails, if you want something colourful and fresh you must order ice pomelo and lychee, so fresh ! contains of fresh pomelo and lychee with syrup and soda water, don't forget the mint leaves to give us cooling sensation when drink it.

>> Ice Chocolate Milk
IDR 38.000

If you don't like sour taste, let's order coffee, tea, or chocolate drink. Ice Chocolate Milk is great too, and what I love is the taste still pure chocolate, no sugar added, just chocolate and milk, you can add sugar yourself, so the sweetness level is based on your own appetite.

>> Heineken
IDR 38.000

I prefer order beer rather than tea here if I'm an alcoholic drinker, because they came in same price, fair enough? hmmm and they serve in bottle and you just can pour it to the glass or the waiter will fill your glass. They have many brands of beer here.

>> Nicoise Salad & Olive Oil Poached Tuna
IDR 132.000

Start your lunch with healthy meal, yep SALAD ! They have variety salad from caesar salad until duck leg confit salad hmmmm so mouth-watering. But, that time I had Nicoise Salad & Olive Oil Poached Tuna, Nicoise salad is a composed salad of tomatoes, olives, anchovies, shallots, artichoke, lettuce and potatoes with preserved lemon rind dressing, so it's gonna be a lil' sour, and here also add poached tuna with olive oil, last touch there's a half-boiled egg on top, comes in big portion, can be shared up to 3 people I think.

>> Poached Eggs Benedicte
IDR 98.000

Simply classic dish, poached eggs benedicte served with pork or beef ham, tomato on toasted english muffin, spinach and mousseline sauce, complete with grilled potato, tomato and beans in tomato sauce, with some green vegetables, this menu is fit more for breakfast. Their egg benedicte cooked perfectly, but so bad they're under seasoning, you should add salt and pepper yourself for better taste, the pork ham was also good, they should be served with hollandaise sauce, but here they use mousseline sauce, for me they didn't make any difference.

>> Butterflied Spring Chicken
IDR 128.000

From wood burning grill selection, I have butterflied spring chicken, why butterflied? because this scrumptious grilled chicken is served like butterfly, they use whole chicken for the dish ! yes, whole. But, the chicken is not too big, I think if you really hungry you can eat them all haha, the chicken was perfectly cooked, and also have great seasoning, the chicken was so tender. Served with green vegetables, grilled potato with skin and tomato. I didn't aware that they have 5 kind of sauce we can choose, because the waiter didn't ask me anything, but let me guess, the sauce I get was forest mushroom sauce, they just like brown gravy with quite strong taste, I would say this is a recommended menu when you came here.

>> Crisp Skin Korobuta Pork Belly
IDR 232.000

Le Quartier has Chinese New Year Specials Menu !  Maybe they just available until early February, I don't know either. There are Pan Seared Australian Seabass, Slow Roasted Duck Breast and this is it.... Crisp Skin Korobuta Pork Belly !! You can see how gonna be great this menu from the picture, the skin was super duper crispy and the meat was tender, maybe it's too fatty but hmmm forget that for awhile and give your mouth and stomach taste of heaven haha, also served with grilled potato, forest mushroom sauce, mustard relish and rocket lettuce, really great dish, come and try it before it's too late !

I was quite satisfy by my visit to Le Quartier this time, the great ambience they offer, wide variety menu, good food too even there's some of weakness but they still okay, remember that the price is not include 11% tax and 10% service ;) They're quite expensive but when it served in big portion and can be shared up to 3 people? So don't hesitate to come here and try their french specialities. Bon appetit !

Stay Hungry,
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Le Quartier
Jl. Gunawarman No.34
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
021 - 7278 8001


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