Friday, February 21, 2014

Kenji Modern Japanese Kelapa Gading

Kelapa Gading is a food paradise, because you can find anything here and for japanese food they have so many options. The food places in Kelapa Gading are spreaded from Mall and Boulevard Street. Talking about Japanese Food, let's say sushi, I have one recommended place ! They're not too well-known even they have already opened since early December 2012, but seriously they'll give you a very nice dining experience, here we come Kenji Modern Japanese.

I often go to Kelapa Gading for eat but never aware about this place, because they're not in strategic location I think, their area is so quite. Kenji Modern Japanese is located at Boulevard Street just opposite of Bangi Kopitiam, almost the end of Boulevard street and maybe that's the reason why this area isn't so festive. But for sure, Kenji Modern Japanese have a capability for being one of the best japanese restaurant in Kelapa Gading.

The store is pretty big, looks so clean, just like a casual dining restaurant but on the second floor the dining area was terrific !! They provide a really authentic japanese dining area which is the private room but so bad they don't have sushi bar. The lighting is warm which made me hard to capture a great picture. The staffs were friendly and they served me really well. For the menu, Kenji Modern Japanese offers wide variety from sushi as their specialities, udon, rice-bowl and some of japanese light meals.

>> Ocha (Free Refill)
IDR 8.000

>> Spicy Crunchy Salmon
IDR 28.000

The first sushi roll for my sushi night was spicy crunchy salmon, they're listed on Economic Sushi. Simply delicious sushi, just salmon with spicy mayo and tempura crunch. I always love sushi with tempura crunch. The consistency of spicy mayo was also great and their mixture with salmon just awesome. Well-executed sushi roll ! One portion contained of 6 pieces of sushi roll.

>>Salmon Aburi 
IDR 42.000

Another salmon sushi, yes I like salmon the most for sushi ! it's a kani roll with cucumber and tempura crunch topped with salmon mentai and shredded potato ! My favourite salmon mentai :9 grilled salmon with mentai sauce, they look so beautiful and so tempting, the shredded potato also give sensation when you eat that. The crunchy texture from cucumber and tempura crunch made salmon aburi was so perfect. 

>> Rock Shrimp Roll
IDR 48.000

Kenji Modern Japanese also had some creation of sushi ! One of them was Rock Shrimp Roll. I really like it, kani mayo sushi roll topped with pop corn shrimp, yup just like shrimp nugget, they were deep-fried and then coated with spicy mayo hmmm so freaking good ! The pop corn shrimp was bomb ! Super duper tasty ! I love it so much, I really enjoy every single bite of this rock shrimp roll, they're recommended !

>> Mambo Mango Roll
IDR 42.000

Another sushi creation from Kenji Modern Japanese ! Mambo Mango Roll !! So catchy ! The sushi roll contain of kani, avocado and cucumber topped with shrimp and black tobiko. They're not wrapped by Nori but soybean, unique. The taste was good, but not really into me because they're too sweet and sour, the  taste of mango dominated this sushi roll. 

At last, Kenji Modern Japanese was such a really great option for you who're looking for sushi specialities in Kelapa Gading if you get bored with mainstream sushi restaurant let's say Sushi Tei, Sushi Groove, etc. Even they're not the best sushi restaurant but trust me that you won't be dissapoint if you came here, they had a great ambience and great sushi with affordable price. The price exclude 5% service and 10% tax. 

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Kenji Modern Japanese 
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard RA 1/ 10
Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara
(021) 45842542
Opening Hours : 11.30 - 22.00 (Mon-Sun)


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  1. you should try the volcano roll. they are so good! and now you can order the pop corn shrimp seperately! yum!