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HYDE Kemang Jakarta

Food Place is never die, there always a new amazing spot to dine and they mostly open in South Jakarta area. The most happening now is HYDE Kemang. Again and again social media like Instagram is so helpful to promote, and I knew this restaurant from Instagram, and they look awesome, so I can't wait to go there. Finally, last Sunday I went there with another food blogger and also my besties after attended an invitation of food testing.

The picture on HYDE's instagram was terrific ! But most of the picture was taken in daylight, because of they're still on soft-opening, they just started to open at 6 p.m. so it's gonna be dark here. For you convenience it's better to make a reservation first. Well, after they done their grand opening, this restaurant will be opened in two-shifts : lunch and dinner.

HYDE located in Jl.Taman Kemang, just before Umbra ! but because the road was closed, you had to go here via Common People and Die Stube. They had enough parking space I think and looks so amazing from the exterior, simply elegant and they surrounded by glass windows. When you enter this restaurant you'll find bar on the center. The ambience was really great. But I really hate their lightning because I can't take a great picture here, I had to use my phone flashlight to take a picture. This kind of lightning was perfect for romantic dinner instead.

There's some dining area which had different decoration, so cool. HYDE had a really amazing atmosphere for dine and also for hangout. The service was good too, all the staffs were friendly too. They offer you wide variety of food and mostly western, from pasta, steak, grill stuffs until asian and indonesian food. They also provide vodka, cocktails, beer and some brandy.

>> Flavoured Ice Tea
IDR 25.000

Comes with selection of strawberry, lychee, peach, mango, lemon and orange. Nothing special about it, just fresh to drink and contain fresh fruit in it.

>> Pasta A La Vodka
IDR 65.000

A choice of spaghetti, fettucinni, and penne served in pink sauce made from grated beets, beef bacon and vodka. Sounds like interesting dish, I chose Penne for the pasta that time and they well cooked. They also served in generous portion and you could share it, but the sauce wasn't into me, I love cheese but they're too cheesy and there's no vodka punch at all, so it's just like penne with beef bacon and tomato based sauce. I expected stronger taste from this pasta, but if you ask me are they delicious? I still say yes.

>> Stuffed Chicken Breast with Mashed Potato and Lemongrass Veloute
IDR 89.000

From poulty section I had Stuffed Chicken Breast served with side dish selection of potato duchess, french fries or mashed potato and lemongrass veloute. For me the chicken wasn't good enough, they're not tender as I expected and a lil' bit dry. So I can't taste the perfect texture of pan fried chicken. Actually they look juicy and I'm a big fan of stuffed chicken, but guess what? The filling of this pan fried chicken was minced chicken, so it's a chicken in the chicken. Not a good idea I think, they will be great if the chicken was filled with spinach, mushroom, cream and cheese hmmm will be bomb ! The mashed potato was quite good for me, my favourite mashed potato consistency, not like puree but still textury, but still underseasoning. Still need improvement.

>> Crackling Pork Belly
IDR 125.000

Crackling Pork Belly was an amazing dish !! Finally I had something perfect here ! Honey glazed crispy pork belly served with caramelized roasted apples, carrots and roasting jus. The pork belly was so crispy and tasty ! And what made the dish more unique was they served with caramelized roasted apples for side dish rather than potatoes, great idea and succesfully tore my heart. I was falling in love with HYDE's Crackling Pork Belly, even the carrot was undercooked, I didn't mind it because every component in the dish was clearly terrific ! My recommended main course here.

>> Srikaya Butter Honey Bread
IDR 45.000

Let's move to dessert ! and the first dessert I tried was a compliment from Chef Odie Djamil. I haven't mention it that Chef Odie is the consultant here and also chef pastry at HYDE, the recipe was from him as we knew that Odie Djamil is one of Top Pastry Chef in Indonesia, so I didn't surprised as HYDE had a really decent dessert. Toasted Butter Honey Bread and Pandan Chiffon served with srikaya sauce, chocolate caviar and homamade coconut ice cream. The honey toast was teriffic, pandan chiffon had a great aroma and so soft. Nothing I can say about the srikaya sauce beside awesome ! sweet and salty, the chocolate caviar gave crunchy sensation and the coconut ice cream just made it perfect dessert ! Fantastic.

>> Chocolate Soil
IDR 45.000

 One of the most creative and fancy dessert in this century (over) HAHA. See ! The presentation was so unique, it's like you'll eat your mom's plant. I was falling in love again and again with touch of molecular gastronomy. This dessert was fully made from chocolate. The "soil" was made from chocolate crouton, baileys chocolate mousse, and chocolate dirt. When you put the "soil" in your mouth, they'll turn back into melted chocolate , the magic of molecular gastronomy. The amazing part wasn't just that, if you scared will find worm in the dish you should be frightened now because you'll find it ! The "worm" was made from jelly, it's so simple but will give you an unforgettable experience of enjoying your dessert.

>> Chocolate & Peanut Butter Lava Cake
IDR 55.000

Chocolate Lave Cake was an ordinary one, and HYDE was anti-mainstream, they combined chocolate lava cake with peanut butter, yes I like peanut butter, so when it's melted not just chocolate who came out from the cake but also peanut butter sauce hmmmm so delightful ! The cake was perfectly baked and sweet enough, served with raspberry jelly and homemade vanilla ice cream. Honestly, I expected raspberry ravioli, another molecular gastronomy magic touch but jelly was quite good for me, the peanut crumble gives crunch bite sensation. Great !

HYDE was great dining option, even they still had to improve their dish, the desserts were awesome, thanks to Odie Djamil !! I would come back here as soon as they have already done their grand opening, I swear. Nice ambience, great food especially dessert and the price also reasonable. Good food, good friends, good life.

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Jl. Taman Kemang 1A No.8
Kemang - Jakarta Selatan 12730
(021) 56103888 , 0817170399
Opening Hours : 18.00 - 00.00 (Sun -Thurs)
                          18.00 - 02.00 (Fri - Sat)


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