Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bakmi Orpa Jakarta

Bakmi... One of comfort food for me, they're good for breakfast, lunch or even dinner but they usually more fit as breakfast. If we discuss about noodles, there's a lot of noodles house in town which are good. You can find place to eat noodles so easy, and in Jakarta, there's some of legendary and famous noodles, one of them is Bakmi Orpa.

First of all, why Orpa? Because they used to located in Jl.Orpa No. 11 before it changed into Jl.Malaka (until now) and there's a famous soap factory B-29, so they're not hard to find, because everyone here already knew this well-known noodles house. The customers here were not only from Jakarta, but there's a lot of outsiders who visit Jakarta and wanna try this legendary noodles.

If you already at Jl. Malaka, just look for a house with some luxurious cars just said Alphard , Camry, BMWand Mercedes-Benz so usual seen around this noodles house. I came here about 9 a.m and they're full house and always like that. The place was so unpretentious but so clean, really nice place. The staffs were so adroit and quite friendly, the service was quite good too, maybe just 5 minutes waiting your noodles will be served on the table.

Well, what makes Bakmi Orpa so famous? The taste? Of course and one more thing is their price.. YES the claimed as the most expensive noodles in Jakarta !! How expensive are they? Let's find out ;)

>> Chicken Noodles (Bakmi Ayam)
IDR 35.000

Looks like ordinary chicken noodles, but the taste hmm damn they're great ! I love the texture of noodles, they're quite thin but I got the texture when I ate that, hmm I can't explain but this one was my favourite kind of noodles or in pasta we can say as al dente , for the seasoning, they used sesame oil for sure, I can smell it. One of the key of their delicacy was the used of ayam kampung , I didn't even know if there's a specific word for ayam kampung? Can somebody tell me? but some references said free-running chicken hmm

>> Pork Noodles (Bakmi Babi)
IDR 35.000

It's just same as chicken noodles, just minced pork sauteed in sweet soya sauce replaced the boiled chicken. For the portion I think they're quite small, the pork was sweet and delicious ! So if you want noodles in salty style you can pick chicken but for sweet one choose pork. Oh yeah, you can mix it if you want, but they charged IDR 45.000 for Mix Noodles (chicken & pork). The had great taste of soup too :9

>> Fried Ball (Bakso Goreng)
IDR 7.000 / piece

For the complement, I had bakso goreng. This fried ball was the mixture of pork and shrimp, the taste was good, and they well-fried. So crunchy outside and still textury inside, I love it ! They're quite small and minimum order of this friend ball is 2 pieces. The dipping sauce they served along with the fried ball was great too, strong garlic and hot enough.

>> Fried Wonton (Pangsit Goreng)
IDR 7.000 / piece

Personally, I don't like their fried wonton so much, they're to thin and a bit too oily and one more thing the sauce already pour on it so it's wet. But my sister like it hehe, well different tounge different opinion. Just try and rate it yourself. But for fried wonton I think it's so much over-priced. I won't come back here for their fried wonton.

>> Sweet Potato Ball (Bola Ubi)
IDR 3.000 / piece

This is one of my favourite light bites since I was a kid, I love crunchy and the hollow texture of bola ubi. They was made from mixture of smashed steamed sweet potato and flour. After that just fry it in slow-frying process. But so shame they're so small, and expensive of course. But I really want it for so long. FYI, If I was at restaurant or street food and find this sweet potato ball , I definetely would buy it. They're so loveable.

>> Kueku 
IDR 7.000 / piece

Kuke is one of chinese traditional snack and quite hard to find it nowadays, and Bakmi Orpa have it. I ddin't know if they made it by theirselves or somebody dropped it here. As I know, they're good and I rarely find this. They looks like a pao, but the texture was so different, unique and filled with green beans paste hmmm sweet and yummy !

So, if people claimed Bakmi Orpa is the most expensive noodles in town I quite agree, but you'll get what you paid. Maybe because the environment too, you can spend more for noodles in fine-dining restaurant or cafe right? But if you want to compare their taste to Bakmi Orpa , I think orpa will win. But for the compliment and some snacks here, they're over-priced. At last, I suggest you to come here before 12.00 in weekend if you don't want disappointment.

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu


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Bakmi Orpa
Jl. Malaka II no. 25
Jakarta Barat
+62 21 691 2450
Opening Hours : 6.30 - 14.00 (Mon - Sun)


  1. Bakmi mahaal tp enaak ya, one of my most fav in Jakarta! :D

  2. ayam kampung = free-range chicken

  3. You need to improve your english before attempting to write a review with the language. There's grammatical errors everywhere

    1. You would need to improve your English before correcting other ppl. There are grammatical errors everywhere.

    2. It's OK, where I live now they don't bothered the grammar. Parents learn from their children than.