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Singapore Culinary Fun Trip - Day 1

Hi Fellas !

Holiday ! Yey , who doesn't like holiday? I think no one.. You can fill your holiday with many activity, but me? I always want to travel for food ! I don't find anything happier than travel and eat, am I right? Well, now I want to share my culinary journey with my crazy friends at SINGAPORE !! This trip was taken last February but the memories still here, and actually I never think gonna write this as a post, but when suddenly I opened my gallery I found those picts which remind me of all the so damn amazingly fun trip !! And I hope beside sharing my story, this post can be used as reference when you go to Singapore :D

Well, before start the journey, let me introduce my partner in crime first ;) here they are

from left to the right : Jokur - Hilly - Janet - Bayi

Jonathan Kurnia Wijaya (Jokur) - The tempramental man who keep shouting and laughing like no one there, he eats everything in front of his eyes *sounds scary* in fact he likes all food and never say no ! Even he easy to get anger but he's a really friendly and fun personality, he often makes a joke that make us laugh, just say he is the firecracker in this trip HAHA and one more thing, he's a pork lover !

Hilary Tan (Hilly) - Doesn't it sounds cute? Hilly? Hil? Oriental woman with big face, big smile, big heart and hmmm big body? *peace* No, she's perfectly ideal woman ! (I hope, she hope and everyone hope) sometimes she does something weird and unpredictable pose which you can see in this post, but without her this trip couldn't be as this fun ! Say hello to her :D *she could eat you if you don't say hi to her*

Janetty Tjandra (Janet) - This fluffy oriental woman who keep smile and smile, sometimes she a lil' bit "rempong" because of her new boyfriend , yeah she just change status from single to double *loh* before this trip and so sad the new couple should be separated :"( haha even just for 3 days, she's the one who always hold her handphone to contact his boyfriend, so cute :3 okay it's enough ! haha anyway she loves food very much !

Calvin Affendy (Bayi) - Why bayi? looks at those permanent baby face ! even there's no baby in the world who has moustache -_- but beside that scary spooky moustache, he looks like baby a lot, and his chubby cheek always make us miss him, but he a lil' bit unpredictable, he can change mood so fast when hungry, so don't let him hungry or you'll see the evil side of him ! He doesn't like hot and spicy food !

Yeay I've introduce all to you :D  me? hmmm just look at the about page in this blog ! hahaha 

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go~

Beautiful View from the Plane 

First Selfie on the Flight


After approximately 1.5 hours flight from Jakarta, we finally arrived at Changi International Airport !


After we arrived safely, we directly went to the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit ) Station but before that we bought Ez-Link Card First, this card is really functional and vital for travellers like us, because if you wanna take MRT or Bus or even Taxi just tap this card, it costs S$ 12.00 , the value is S$ 7.00 and S$ 5.00 is the card price, and you can easily top up this card in MRT station or 7 Eleven. 

MRT is one of the reason why I love go to Singapore, because it's easy, clean, fast and even it's crowded they're still convenient for us. Beside that, most of MRT Station is under the Shopping Center. So, we headed to Hotel 81 Herritage where we will be stay for 2 nights. Hotel 81 Herritage is one of low-price hotel in Singapore but not low quality of course, even we got some trouble when about checked in until we have to contact our Travel Agent who prepared all of this in Jakarta, finally all cleared and we can check it but it really waste our time when suddenly it's time for lunch !!! How lucky we are, just opposite the hotel there's a food court, and that's be our first meal that day !

ROASTED DELIGHTS at Sultan's Kitchen
Sultan Plaza, Sultan Road #01-07
Beach Road, 199001

Sultan's Kitchen is like food court, they have many food here, and one who really attract us is Roasted Delights, we can't stop staring at those delicious BBQ !! When we eat they quite full here, because it's lunch time, and all of us order bbq combination here :D They awarded as fine culinary skill, hmmm makes us more interesting with this bbq station, and we can see the good higine here, and the most important is affordable price :D

Roasted Duck and Meat Rice - S$ 4.00

Rice with roasted duck and meat or we knew as pork belly ! Nothing I can say beside it's perfectly good ! Not just because of starving, but this dish is really delicious, the pork belly was so cripsy and tender, the roasted was just as great as the pork belly,  the sauce was sweet and tasty, super great dish ! I just wanna recommend you, if you come here, you have to try their super crispy pork belly !

Pork Ribs Rice - S$ 3.00

This is not spare ribs or back ribs, but different cut, they have more meat than the bone, taste great too, sweet and savoury in one bite, the pork ribs was so tender and have great aroma because of the grilled sensation, and they use sesame too in this pork ribs! Such a great lunch with this one !

Chicken Rice - S$ 2.50

For you who doesn't like or not allowed to eat pork, you can order this chicken rice, they have a delicious roasted chicken too ! The chicken was tasteful and combined with sweet sauce, just make it simply excellent dish.

We really enjoy our lunch here, and we satisfied of course. We're so happy that near out hotel there's food place who served a really great dish and they open until 11 p.m so if we got hungry in the night just come here, the hotel was so strategic ;) Lucky we are.


The new "Bugis Street" is a maze of lanes lined with stalls selling pasar malam good such as clothes, accesories, merchandise, and so many street food here, is kinda paradise for travellers like us, we can find anything here, and of course the price is less than the mall, but the quality is lower too than the branded one. But they're quite good, I've ever bought some shirt here, and they're still good until now hehe. The new Bugis Street stretches from it's enterance along Victoria Street facing the original Bugis Street and Bugis Junction to it's other entrance along Queen Street facing the entrance to Albert Street.

We often came here, because yeah we stayed in Bugis area, why we chose Bugis for our accomodation? Of course they are really busy district, and until night there's still a lot of place to go, especially for food :D well, here you can find a lot of street food, which is good too !

And this is one of the food stall which really attracted me, they have wide variety of skewers ! And that's such a really great snack while you're shopping, and they fresh too, because they always fry the new one, not just skewers, they also have pancake and toast, really nice food stall and of course with affordable price :)

Seaweed Wrap with Chicken - S$ 1.50

Chicken wrap with seaweed and fried, crispy outside and tender inside, great taste, they battered with flour too, so it's crunchy !

Fish Ball - S$ 1.50

My favourite skewer anywhere and anytime, I really love fish ball, and they also good but can't be better from Old Chang Kee (which is my favourite) , there's no fishy taste here, chewy and moist too, delicious !

Fried Prawn Dumpling - S$ 1.50

They also have friend prawn dumpling, and this is the best ! The mixture of prawn and chicken in this dumpling makes it perfect, crispy outside and juicy inside, I can't stop eating this one !

Well, you can find another food stall which I think was good too, and the price range in this area for the snack is only S$ 0.50 until S$ 3.00 , The New Bugis Street is so tempeting ;) Don't forget to come here when you're at Singapore, you can explore more here.

Bugis Street 

ONE THING YOU CAN'T MISS WHEN YOU'RE AT SINGAPORE IS ONE DOLLAR ICE CREAM !! This is really true, you must ever try this famous ice cream, and you can find it easily in Singapore, one of it is at Bugis. Even they come in different brand but all of them is great ! For now I have Wall's !


ONE DOLLAR ICE CREAM - Actually they're just "Ice Cream Potong" and you can have it with wafer or bread, and the price? YES, IT'S ONE DOLLAR ! well, actually when I was at Merlion Park, there's a one dollar ice cream but the price is S$ 1.50 , can we say that as one dollar ice cream? hmmmm

Beside Ice Cream they also sell soft drinks. They have many flavours : Yam , Ripple, Chocolate Chip, Durian, Chocolate, Sweet Corn, Coffee, Peppermint, Mango and Red Bean. I think I've tried all of them haha but I didn't have the picture :(

COFFEE - I always love coffee flavour for ice cream, because they have bitter sensation, so not to sweet of course, and I prefer wafer than bread, it's more crunchy and delicious for me, the coffee flavour here is quite strong and makes me addictive, it's better to have one dollar ice cream with coffee flavour rather than a cup of coffee in coffeeshop, because they're cheaper :p *Backpacker's Principle*


One Fullerton


This is the icon of Singapore and the tourist attraction of course, so don't forget to come here and take a picture. To get here just took MRT and stop at Raffles Place Station, after that you just go through and follow the sign to Merlion Park, you'll exit at Singapore River and you still have to walk for a while ! But you can also take a picture first, because from here you can see Marina Bay Sands, Esplanades and also Singapore Flyers ! Beautiful sightseeing :D

Merlion Park is located at One Fullerton near Central Business District of Singapore. The Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of lion and body of fish. The fish body represents Singapore's origin as a fishing village and the lion head represents Singapore's original name meaning "The City of Lion". You better using hat or bring umbrella here, so hot ! 


In Merlion Park, never hesitate to ask people for taking a picture of you ;) because for sure they'll ask you back haha, I love this picture even it's too mainstream but hmmm the woman behind me a little distract -_- Have a great time at Merlion Park !


Another Tourist Attraction at Singapore, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay. Marina Bay Sands we already know as Resorts and also Shopping Centre, here you can find a lot of branded, and there's a "tiny" Venice here where you can take a boat and look around this Mall, they also have borderless swimming pool, so beautiful. You can take a really great pict at day and more beautiful at night !! Because at night they more sparkling ! 

Still in Marina Bay area, there're GARDENS BY THE BAY. Gardens by the Bay is an integral part of strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a "Garden City" to a "City in a Garden". The Stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city. Gardens by the Bay is a really big area of garden, most of them is tropical plants and there's a lot of synthetic too, so they're human-made not natural. Actually we didn't enter to the garden just walking around the outside and take a picture of course :p


Bugis Village, 251 Victoria Street 
Bugis, 188035

Back to Bugis for back to hotel and of course have dinner !! after a long time walking we get starving, so we need something fast and delicious, that's why we're looking for fast food, and the nearest from our bus stop was Burger King and Long John Silver's at Bugis Street. We can have Burger King easily but Long John Silver's? hmm let's try !!

I've tried it before this trip, and I think they really great, they different from another American fast food, Long John Silver's focus on seafood in their indgridients, that's why they're healthier *even still list on junk food* here, we order directly on cashier and pay, not for a long time waiting, our food ready !! Let's eat !

FISH with Crispy Fries - S$ 4.50

It was just like a classic fish n chips, but they're really great ! The dory fish is fresh and well battered, and of course well fried, I love the texture of the crispy coat and tender fish, so mouthwatering ! and there's no fishy taste at all, and crispy fries was just as good as the fish, great combination.

Chicken with Crispy Fried - S$ 4.50

Beside fish they also have shrimp and chicken, and you can mix it ! For you who had an allergic to seafood, you can order chicken if you want, they look same but they're different, for the chicken, the coat was thicker and more crispy, the chicken was tender and taste great ! 

St. Queen 270, Singapore
Bugis. 180270

Another Hawker Fare Centre in Singapore ! You can find low-price food with high-quality taste here, seriously !! They had a wide variety of food, but when dinner time this place got so crowded and it's getting hard to find a table, like what just happened to me and my friends, we need a long time to get table, and while you're looking for the table please make sure you also explore the food stall, because there's a lot here, and you'll be confused.

Nasi Lemak - S$ 1.40

From a lot of option, finally we chose Nasi Lemak ! One of the authentic food from Malayan , or in Indonesia we know it as "Nasi Uduk". They're so cheap, if we converted into rupiah it's only IDR 10.000 that time (the currency : S$ 1 = IDR 7.000) the cheapest dinner ever and they taste really great. Hmm the rice was fragrant and greenish because of the paste of pandan. The chicken was crispy and tasty, even it's wing they still great, we also got pork loaf or we know as "maling", and what makes it's more delicious was the balacan and the peanuts ! They were really-really great !! Superb dinner :9

Grass Jelly - S$ 0.60

And for the drink, we have grass jelly, they're so fresh !! I really love it, you can mix it with soya milk too, but I like the original one, I had this like 3 times that night, and the most important one they're cheaper than mineral water HAHA, we're so satisfy with this food place !


This is the end of journey on the first day in Singapore ! We're so fun and of course FULL !! It's a really tiring day, so we need to take a rest and then continue this freakin' awesome culinary trip in Singapore !! I hope you enjoy this post and "the next day" will be blogged soon !! Goodbye :D

Stay Hungry,
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