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Torta Dolce Cake - Sweet Afternoon

Online Business is one of the most favourite business nowadays, from clothing until food. Food? Online? yeah many online food seller now, there's a lot of advantages of it, because you don't need place, the most important one is your quality of food and your promotion. Now I want to review one of the Food Online Business, and I think they have really great food.

TORTA DOLCE CAKE , that's the shop name, fancy enough and makes me curious what they have, and luckily I was invited to their office at Pluit and I just known that they're in one company with Sambal Dua Belibis and Koepoe-Koepoe which are really famous brands. They have such a really great office and we have afternoon tea time at the top of building, so cool !

Torta Dolce was born in 2011 from the love of French patisserie, which demand complexity and perfection in preparation and ingredients. Torta Dolce team of Pastry Chefs maintain the highest standard in producing their cakes, pastries, breads, and macarons by using only finest and best quality ingredients. Including the use of Valhorna Chocolate for their best selling chocolate macarons and chocolate cakes. 

They sell their products online and deliver the order and also provide wedding caterers, corporate's coffee break, high teas and birthday parties. Their brand's philosophy is to give customers the experience of the best product for birthday occasion, office parties and meetings, corporate gifts package and wedding dessert table.

They have wide variety of sweet army, from macaroons until the most happening now "Croido" ( Croissant Donut). I just can't wait to try them all !! Seriously if you were there, you must be crazy like me...

In this event, not just introducing Torta Dolce Cake, but they also focusing on Croido, because this kind of pastry is happening, they can called as Croido or Cronuts ( most well-known as cronuts) but literally they're same, let's talk about croido later haha, so keep reading this post :p

For the lite bites they have assorted of tubers (potatoes, taro and sweet potato) hmmm they all good, potatoes is just like usual french fries, taro taste great and unique, sweet potato taste best ! yeah I love sweet potato and using "Sambal Dua Belibis" as the dipping sauce, so yummy and good presentation because they're colourful :9

And here's the tower of sweetness !! Look , they're so tempting nyum nyum...

They are so colourful and delicious ! They have such a really great chocolate cake, the sweet and bitter from chocolate is perfectly combined. Great texture too, really moist and creamy, OH MY GOD I'm falling in love with them ! The caramel cake is so delicious too, it's like egg pudding, and the caramel is just awesome :9 another one is chocolate cake too, and all I can say is they're so delightful, I really love it ! Great great great chocolate cake !

Next, they have FRUIT PIE ! I love fruit pie , and they comes in Strawberry, Kiwi and Peach. Guess my favourite ? I love their kiwi ! taste so much better than strawberry and peach, give an extra freshness for me, this Kiwi Pie really made my day, but the strawberry and peach are also good :D This tasty fruit pie is topped with almond too, how great they are :9

Next, they have MACARONS !!!

Actually, they have many flavours of macarons, but on this event they just served us top 3. They are Rose ( Blue), Green Tea (Green) and Pistachio (White). All good ! But I think pistachio is the best hehe, they're not too sweet, the taste is so suit for me, really great texture of macaron, taste really great and comes in big size too, one of the best macaron I've ever had so far, and more delicious served cold of course :D

Finally, what we are waiting for in this event... CROIDO (Croissant Donut)

What I really impressed is they have 11 kinds of Croido but now they just served us sort of the best ! Before we try this Croido, the pastry chef from Torta Dolce told us how to make croido, he said the most important thing is patient, because it takes a long process. The demo was so fun ! He gave us some tips to make a great croido



Well, let's start from Original, it's an original croido just add sweet cream on top, and it's ready to served, simply delicious. 


They also available in Cinnamon Sugar for the one who really like unique aroma and sweet enough flavour, cool ! I love it !


For cheese lovers they also have Cheese Croido, delicious croido topped with cheddar cheese, how great is that !! The mixture between sweet of croido and salty from cheese is perfect , yeah because I like cheese so much, yummy !


I love it really love it, because I always like peanut on donut, that's why I like this one, but I like it more than usual peanut donut, because here they give an extra caramel for the nuts ! OMG I really want it now, seriously, and look at the texture ! so crunchy ! Once you try this, you can't stop :D


Croido with Popcorn? That's unique and smart idea I think, really tempting, good looking and taste great ! You can eat the salted caramel popcorn first and then bite the croido, and it's succesfully get our attention in this event, the taste? of course it's good, but I still prefer chocolate peanut butter, but back to your appetite :D So you have to try it by yourself and compare it !! But overall they're all good.

Well, there're some of Torta Dolce Cake products, they still have many cakes and pastries. For the complete information about their menu and price, also how to order just visit 

Need Catering or  Dessert for your New Year Party? TORTA DOLCE CAKE is really recommended for that !! 

Stay Hungry,

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