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The Dharmawangsa Jakarta - Sunday Super Brunch with Omar Niode Foundation

Sunday, 27th October I was invited by Omar Niode Foundation to The Dharmawangsa Jakarta Hotel for having super brunch with them and also Chef Vindex who is the executive chef from The Dharmawangsa. First of all, I want to tell a little about Omar Niode Foundation..

The Omar Niode Foundation, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, was officialy formed in 2009 in memory of Omar Taraki Niode (1984-2009), and is dedicated to social and educational purpose. Legalized by The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Indonesia under Decree No. AHU-850.AH.01.04, this non profit organization began it's work with an endowment fund from Omar's hard earned, savings and amied at generating and providing resources for programs and activites in agriculture, food, and culinary arts.

VISIONAn organization that play's a role in increasing the quality of learning tools as well as the quantity of competent and qualified Indonesian human resources in agriculture, food, and culinary arts.

MISSIONSTo facilitate and to provide scholarships and awards in the field of agriculture, food and culinary arts for individuals, and for students, faculties and staff in higher education Institutions. To aquire and to distribute educational tools and materials and access to information on agriculture, food and culinary themes that will benefit teaching, learning, research and public service. To encourage networking among agriculture, food, and culinary stakeholders including the government, the private sector and the civil society.


OMAR TARAKI NIODE M.SC. THESIS SCHOLARSHIPS - Merit and need based scholarships for students majoring in food and agriculture who are in their last year and in the process of writing their thesis.

OMAR TARAKI NIODE M.SC. TRAVEL AWARDS - On certain occasions the Foundation provides or facilitates travel awards for students, university staff, researchers, lecturers or individuals to participate in educational visit, training or seminar that aim at strengthening agriculture, food and culinary arts education in their organizations.

BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS - Omar Niode Foundation publishes books on a variety of subjects, with interest on agriculture, food and culinary themes. With donors assistance, books will be distribute free of charge to educational institutions and learning organizations.

CHARITIES - Donation to, and learning activities with charity organizations and orphanges.

EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES - The Foundation collaborates with donors to provide educational and tools and equipment such as books and computers to selected universities especially in Eastern Indonesia.

PUBLIC EVENTS, SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS - The Foundation participates in and sponsors food and agriculture related meetings to encourage more students and public interests in the subjects.

Well, that's some informations about Omar Niode Foundation (ONF), you can visit their website for more informations, now let's talk about the SUPER BRUNCH 

Super Brunch Video (courtesy from Youtube)

First of all, Why Super Brunch? Why this brunch called Super?? Because this Brunch only held 3 times a year - Easter Day , Christmas Day, and around October ( after Ied Mubarak celebration), so lucky that I can join this brunch and really unforgatable experience where you can explore and try more than a hundred dish from 40 stations in 3 hotel dining area ( Jakarta Restaurant, Majapahit Lounge and Sriwijaya) and now I really don't know where to begin...

I won't be able to try all of the dish here of course, my capacity is not that big haha, so it's better if you try the rare first, after that your favourite and less carbo of course, or you'll get full immidiately, okay let's enjoy the food here's the menu :D


27th October 2013

Antipasto Buffet
(Served in individuals glass, platter and bowl)

Smoked duck breast with caper mayo and figs

Wild tuna blue fin belly on rye walnut toast
Smoked salmon wrapped in asparagus with sour cream and caviar
Pepper Angus beef carpacio with wild mushroom and truffle mayo

“Jamon de Cava” Spanish air dried beef with Rock melon
Spanish lobster with “Husaren” salad
Roast chicken breast with caramelized onion and walnut
Mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and olives tapenade

Caviar Station
(Display and pass around)

Calvisius caviar ; Tradition, Da vinci and Caviar de Venise
Salmon Caviar, Ocean trout egg, Tobiko
wheat blinis, cream fraise, chives, cooked egg yolk and white.

Smoked Fish and Gravlax
(Display buffet)

Smoked salmon, butter fish and tuna
Gravlax chili, lemon and herbs salmon
Herring fillet
Capers, caper berry, cream cheese and herbs, mustard, honey mustard, tartar sauce
Assorted wheat crackers

Seafood Vaganza
(Buffet and display on ice tower)

Selection of French fresh oysters,
Cooked prawns, mussel and scallop
Mignonette, jalapenos and mint dip, salsa Rosa, lemon wedges, lime sliced
Lobster in Balinese sauce “mekalas”
Manila clams in lemongrass curried broth
Prawn with dabu-dabu relish
Crayfish with red curry dip

Sushi Sashimi Station
Selection of sushi sashimi made to order, fusion sushi roll, special roll with wasabi, pickled ginger and soya sauce

Mix Salad and Caesar Salad
(Display and made to order)

Green garden salad and caesar salad
Assorted crudités and dips
Garlic crouton, shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, grilled prawn or chicken
Thousand island, balsamico, vinaigrette, sun-dried tomato dressing

White bean soup

with smoked chicken canoli and white truffle oil

Pan Fried Foie Gras

with caramelized pineapple and tangerine glazed
Brioche toast

Roast Organic Galician Cote Du Boeuf
with garlic mashed potato, grilled vegetable,
Béarnaise, wild mushroom sauce, bordelaise sauce
Yorkshire pudding

Taco Al Pastor
Grilled shaved beef on tortilla flour
Refried bean, mixed bell pepper, caramelized onion, avocado wedges
Pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole

“Raan” Indian Style Lamb leg
with Romali Roti, dhal mung, Butter chicken and Indian potato salad

Italian Pasta Station
Homemade organic pasta from Italy
Spinach ravioli
with truffle cream sauce, spicy Arabiata seafood sauce,
Beef Bolognaise, pesto and aioli sauce
Shaved grana padano

Tempura Station
Selection of tempura
Prawn, squid, vegetable and mushrooms
Daikon grated, ginger and tempura sauce

Rosemary grilled baby chicken

with provencal vegetable and wild mushroom jus

Vine ripened tomato crusted sea bass fillet
with leek fricassee and ginger beureu blanc

Pan roasted Angus Beef tenderloin
with lobster ravioli and truffle jus

Middle Eastern favorites
Lamb “Mandi” baked roast lamb with light saffron rice
“Warak Enab” minced beef wrapped in grape vine leaf
Cheese “Sambousak” mixed cheese in pastry

Assorted homemade dimsum steamed and fried
Served with traditional condiments

Noodle bowl
Kwai teow, wonton noodle and glass noodle
Squid and fish ball, fish cake, seafood tofu, crab stick,
Chicken, beef, shrimp
Hot and sour broth, beef broth, laksa broth
Crispy wonton, chicken and straw mushroom ragout

Peking Duck
With Chinese pancake, cucumber, leek and Hoisin sauce

Egg cooked to order

Fried, poached, scramble, omelet
with Beef sausage, chicken sausage, beef bacon
Lyonnaise potato, baked bean
Mini dgg Benedict with spinach, turkey ham or smoked salmon

Bread station
Selection of homemade breads

Champagne bread, sweet potato bread, baguette, craft corn, raisin walnut bread, portobello mushroom country bread, garlic foccacia, chocolate and cranberries bread, lavosh, grissini, red bell pepper cheese bread, onion and smoked beef brioche, Fougasse from Provence

Bakery Station
Selection of homemade bakery

Croissant, pain au chocolate, assorted beignet, pecan nut Danish, cinnamon Danish, assorted fruit Danish, Apple turn over, assorted Madeline, Financier, mini Brioche, assorted Berliner, Donuts

Bagel corner
Bagel with turkey ham, rucolla and cranberry sauce
Bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Pancake and waffle Station
with Honey butter, maple syrup, whipped cream, vanilla butter
Fruit compote
Strawberry and raspberry salad

Boutique cheese

Selection of AOC “Chantal” artisan cheese
Selection of fruit jam, compote and crackers

Racklette Cheese
Swiss style hot melted cheese served with
Baby potato, gherkin, beef bacon, bell pepper mixed

Fondue Cheese
Natural, country and gorgonzola
Day old bread skewers
Steamed vegetable

Fruit and Vegetable Market “Cut to Order”Juice

Apple, carrot, celery, start fruit, guava, papaya, watermelon, honeydew
Freshly squeezed orange juice

Lemonade station
Lemon, apple, orange, strawberry

Honey yogurt with fruit

Pastry Cake

Strawberry cheese cake long yard
Raspberry Mille Feuille
Lemon tart meringue
Black forest
Apple jalousie
Pistachio cake
Fresh fruit cake

Caramel custard
Peanut butter cup trifle
Raspberry mousse in glass
Mini panacotta
Cookie pops

Ice Cream
Homemade ice cream and sorbet
Waffle cone and cups
Condiments and sauce

Chocolate Gallery
Truffle cake
Chocolate tart
Caramel chocolate choux
Mini cup cake
Devil food cake
Chocolate crème brulee
Chocolate mousse (on small cup)
Assorted chocolate Petit Four

Chocolate Fountain
with condiments; grapes, mixed fruit, marshmallow, biscotti, lapis legit

Assorted homemade cookies
Vanilla, chocolate, coconut, pistachio, butter, cheese stick

Assorted signature macaroon of Dharmawangsa hotel
Raspberry, mango, palm sugar, sesame seed, pistachio and coffee

Crepes Suzette

Thin crepes with caramelized orange flambé
Vanilla ice cream
Orange zest

Poached Pear
Port wine glazed
Mascarpone cream

That's all they have for this Super Brunch and here's some food that I try, I start this brunch exploration from Tempura Station :D

Tempura Selection

The tempura selection are prawn, squid, fish , vegetables and mushroom they are well coated and perfectly fried, they're not oily and crispy of course, served with soy sauce and ginger, classic tempura which made my mouth ready to have another meal, great tempura !

Live Seafood Station

Prawn with dabu-dabu relish , Lobster in Balinese Sauce , Crayfish in Red Curry Dip

Smoked Salmon

Oyster Selection

And let's go to Live Seafood Station.. all seafood here are served cold and fresh, I try their Lobster in Balinese Sauce, which is really good, the lobster is fresh and spicy too you can have it with Sambal Matah or Sambal Dabu, delicious, and they also have Crayfish in Red Curry, crayfish is kind of lobster but smaller and the texture is more like prawn, they're all good :D and I really love the smoked salmon, hmm taste so delicious !

Antipasto Buffet 

Caviar Selection

And here's the antipasto buffet, and one of the best is Jamon da Cava, it's a spanish dry beef with rock melon, and I can't explain how good is it, you just have to try by yourself, well you have to try Pepper Angus Beef carpacio with wild mushroom and black truffle, awesome beef, perfect texture. Wild tuna blue fin belly on rye walnut toast is also special, Chef Vindex tell that it's one of their rare menu, and so sad when we came to the station they're already gone, but kindly Chef Vindex made the new one just for us, and taste really good ! Super dish, and don't forget they have many kind of caviar which is really interesting ;)
Roast Organic Galician Cote Du Boeuf
This is a roast beef, not the prime cut but still great, the beef is tender and there's a lot fat which make it more delicious, served with many kind of sauc, but mushroom sauce is the best, served with mashed potato and yorkshire pudding, special ! I really like the beef and sauce and also the side dish which just like eclair, unique !
Pan Fried Foie Gras
Pan Fried Foie Gras, foie gras is one of premium dish that must be served in super brunch like this, they pan fried and served with caramelized pineapple also tangerine glazed, and brioche toast, taste really great, actually I hate liver but I don’t know why I love foie gras :D
Vine ripened tomato crusted sea bass fillet

Rosemary grilled baby chicken

Vine ripened tomato crusted sea bass fillet with leek fricassee and ginger beureu blanc is one of the best dish from Jakarta Pergola Kitchen, they cooked well, have a great texture and taste of course, beside it there’s rosemary grilled chicken that taste perfect too, the chicken is tender and the sauce is awesome, don’t forget their Roasted Angus Beef Tenderloin that served with lobster ravioli and truffle jus, OMG they’re all mouthwatering ! Superb dish !!

Mini dgg Benedict with spinach, turkey ham or smoked salmon

Mini egg benedict with spinach and smoked turkey really made my day, perfectly cooked egg benedict taste great combined with spinach and smoked turkey is more than I can imagine, they’re good really good..

Dim Sum Selection

Peking Duck

From Chinese station we can have Pecking Duck, I think I don’t have to explain this, we know they’re a great dish.. beside pecking duck they also have dim sum and noodles..

Hot and sour ribs noodle, one of my favourite this among this Super Brunch, I love the noodle texture, but still the broth is perfect ! And the ribs is so tender, served completely with vegetables and the garnish, taste hot and sour, I really love it, I’ll miss this noodle !

“Mie Jawa” here is delicious too, they’re cooked when we order, beside “Mie Jawa” they also have “Nasi Liwet” and I’m a big fan of nasi liwet, so I didn’t miss trying their nasi liwet, and I love it, they taste really great, really love their Indonesian Station here, authentic and memorable J

And from Middle Eastern Station they have Kebab and Prata Bread with Butter Chicken, Lamb Mandi and Potato, middle eastern cuisine usually have strong spice and here they all taste strong but when combined together they become a harmony in my mouth, really love the spice !

Let’s move to the Cheese Station ! There are wide variety of cheese which I don’t know one by one, but no doubt all kind of cheese taste great, but I more like cheese as dipping, and you can dip traditional bread with mozzarella cheese which is…. Heaven ! yeah I love cheese !

From Sweet Area, you can find a lot of sweet army, personaly I don’t really like cake, but here you can find a lot classic cake like cheesecake, blackforest and many more, they also have many kind of macaroons and some cute dessert served in cone and taste like mousse, I love the colour of their sweet area, it’s a paradise for dessert lovers..

But I can’t say no to soufflé, chocolate soufflé here is perfectly baked, so soft and have great aroma, I can’t wait to eat them, end this Super Brunch with soufflé is really unforgatable !!

Well, that’s some of menu that we can have in Super Brunch at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, and for the information this Super Brunch cost IDR 980.000 plus tax and service 21% , so it’s above a thousand rupiah, so expensive ! But for you who really want to try rare food and a curious person who have a big passion in food I think they’ll pay for it, so join the Super Brunch this Christmas :D

Super Brunch Testimonials (Courtesy from Youtube)

At last, I just want to say thanks to Omar Niode Foundation already invited me in this Super Brunch, and also to Chef Vindex who give us a lot of knowledge about food and The Dharmawangsa Jakarta to held this Super Brunch, we wait for your next event !

See yaaa,

Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu

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