Thursday, September 19, 2013

Union - Best Red Velvet in Jakarta !

Well, we all know that our city, yap our lovely Jakarta is such a busy and hectic city like it's hard to find some place to relaxing. Everyone has their own way to get that "relax" , for me I always love to eat to get my relax. Can you imagine a cafe where you can sit comfortly and do a little chit-chat with your companion? I think I have a name for that , UNION. But in weekend, this is not a recommended place for you who look for a quite cafe, because it's getting super crowded, really. You can come and see by yourself.

Maybe most of you has known this foodplace, because it's famous in Jakarta now. Actually they're not just a cafe where you can find pastry and beverages but also cuisine, but honestly I never tried their dish at all haha I come here just for sit, enjoy a piece of cake and a glass of coffee and that's an awesome feelings. UNION is located at Plaza Senayan, one of the biggest shopping centre in Jakarta and of course in Central Jakarta, so it's quite easy to get here. UNION is not in the mall actually, because they have a garden area and that's outdoor, and as I know you don't have to enter the mall to get here.

If you from the mall, you have to go to Metro (If I'm not mistaken) and beside Starbucks and you'll find a brown-door with security, that's UNION. When you get in you'll see some people were queueing for the bakery product which are really amazing. I went here at weekend with my little sister and we have to be on waiting list because the spot is full. But don't worry in weekend every table has their own maximum usage. So they'll not be able to be here in long time and so do I hehe. 

When we get table, the waiter directly come to us and give the menu book and some of bakery menu is not available there, so if you really want to know what they have, just see on the bakery spot and luckily my favourite just get ready ! well the decoration is quite interesting, like we're in European cafe with all those ornaments, I love it. If you like to drink just go to their bar. The visitors here are not only teenager, you can find family too, so it's suite for family dining too I think hehe. 

Let's see what I have for this Afternoon Relaxing Time :D

>>Red Velvet Cake
Price : IDR 55.000

This is the reason why I keep come back to UNION,just for this amazing cake..yup Red Velvet Cake. Maybe you can find this cake easily at other bakery or cake shop but UNION has the best one so far I think. When the first time I saw this Red Velvet hmmm so tempting, it served in big sliced too. So it suit for you who are like cake so much, because you'll get the satisfaction from this Red Velvet Cake. Made from chocolate and vinegar make this Red Velvet taste so special, and I love the texture, it's not too moist or rough, completely perfect texture and the caramel nuts on top give another lovely sensation, seems like blended in your mouth. It's like a paradise for your tounge, and don't forget they have a great mascarpone cream cheese too and all this combination make Red Velvet Cake here as the best ! You should try it guys, seriously :D

>> Raisin Danish
Price : IDR 15.000

Like I've said before, I'm here just for their pastry. I also order Raisin Danish (as the red velvet is shared with my lil' sister). Danish is a common pastry which usually be a best-friend of coffee or tea. The danish taste sweet with some crunchy texture because they just out from oven yummm still hot ! For me they have good sweet, and there's some raisin too. One of the great pastry here beside raisin you can also try custard if you like the sweeter one hehe, for me this raisin danish is more than enough

>>Fresh Lime Juice
Price : IDR 25.000

For this afternoon I don't know why my sister ordered this one, because she looking something fresh she said, but I don't think it's suit to red velvet or even raisin danish, but it's okay haha. Actually, when I try their fresh lime juice, it fresh !! oh yaaa you should add sugar by yourself, because they don't give any sugar in it, so it's up to us how sweet do we want. Fresh !

>> Ice Cappuccino
Price : IDR 30.000

I always love to have cake or bread with coffee, hot or cold doesn't matter for me. Well, for that afternoon I ordered Ice Cappuccino because I saw the waiter brought this drink and I ask him what's that, and he said that's Ice cappuccino. Served quite well and made me want to clean this up haha, they have such a great colour of ice cappuccino, there's some foam on the top and some chocolate syrup to make it sweeter, well this ice cappuccino is no sugar, you should add by yourself. They have strong taste of coffee and combined with sweety cream foam. Great Ice Cappuccino to accompany the Legendary Red Velvet Cake !

So, that's what I have for that afternoon. I really like to try their dish sometimes, next time I'll have a lunch-time here hehe, but again and again not in weekend, because it's getting crowded here, not just local people, sometimes there's also foreigner here. UNION has a great atmosphere and ambience in a strategic area. Served great food with affordable price too, so what are you waitin' for? Go to the UNION!

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu

UNION | Brasserie, Bakery & Bar
Plaza Senayan Courtyard, Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika no.8
(021) 5790 5861-62



  1. so tempting!!! Setiap kali datang ke Jakarta aku pasti bela2in jajan Red Velvet nya Union! Oh ya, praline chocolate cake n Carrot Banana Cake nya juga enak tuh... Visit my web blog on ^^ I also got plenty of food recommendation... happy sharing!