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TEACUPS - The Extraordinary Tea Shop

Tea, especially milk tea became one of the most popular culinary business nowadays, because it's easy to operate. Yeah, you can easily find milk tea shop at mall, just walk around in the mall and count how many milk tea stand, no matter they just stand or have some spot to dine in. Just say Mall Taman Anggrek, there are a lot of tea shop such as Chatime, Calais, Share Tea, and many more. Let's say there's another one now, but they're just different from the others, want to know?

This is it, TEACUPS

TEACUPS is located at Mal Taman Anggrek, beside Kenny Rodgers. This brand new tea shop is a family business, because each owner has family relation, one day I really want to be like them, build our own family business, such a great thing. Well, forget that, let me tell you how great is TEACUPS for tea lovers.

TEACUPS is different from another tea shop, because they have a wide variety of tea that you can choose by yourself. They not serve ordinary tea, but some fusion tea, not only cold there's also hot tea, it's a quite nice place for tea-time, even they haven't had any s
nacks for accompany the tea, but later they will have waffle and some cake that I quite sure there's will be good..

Even TEACUPS doesn't have big area but it's comfortable enough with 1 sofa table, beside you drink they signature drink on the spot, you can also have their original tea that already packed by IDR 88.000/pack. The tea is absolutely special, from the aroma and the taste. There's some of their tea selection

Jasmine tea is a type of scented tea which absorbs aroma from jasmine blossoms. It is the most famous scented tea in China. When you infuse them in hot water, they will release the most intensely beautiful scent as they slowly unravel and come to life.

Our passion fruit black tea artfully combines the pleasantly sweet tropical flavor of a fresh passion fruit with the lively taste of Ceylon black tea. Rich and heavy fruit-floral aroma with a balanced astringency and slightly dry finish.

If you're ever been to Morocco, you will know the pleasure of drinking green tea with mint. We think it's down to the way the fresh flavour of mint mellows the slight sharpness of the green tea. A thirst-quencing blend that will give you an awekening freshness !

Lychee black tea is scented with exotic lychee fruit that yields full-bodied, sweet and slightly fruity cup. When brewed the tea has a reddish brown hue and a light, sweet honey-like taste.

Unique blend of fine quality black teas with a hint of bergamot and natural vanilla flavour. Smooth and aromatic with an amber color in the cup.

High altitude oolong tea combined with lavender create an intense relaxing aroma. Light and smooth body with lavender flavour.

Known as a "Yin" or cooling tonic, these beautiful white flowes brew a golden infusion with notes of mint and honey.

This traditional Japanese green tea which is also known as the "people's tea" contains roasted grains of brown rice for a toasty, sweet flavour all it's own.

There's the description of their tea which shown on the package, and here we go, their signature drinks !!

>>Roasted Tea Quan Yin Oolong with Seafoam
Price : IDR 23.000

This is one of their signature drink, as their name, they use oolong tea, quan yin one, so the taste is bitter and has no aroma at all, it's kinda black tea and they add sugar absolutely, so the taste is sweet and there's a seafoam which make it special, it's a foam , like cream with salty taste. It's a unique combination between sweet tea and salty foam, and some rose which build an aroma on top, such a great tea ! You have to try it !

Price : IDR 18.000

Next is Wintermelon tea, do you know wintermelon? In Indonesia you can say wintermelon as "Buah Kundur" this is a healthy fruit. Wintermelon is easy to find in Asia, the taste is unique and nice, I love this wintermelon tea, I've ever tried if before, and wintermelon has so many benefits for our body. Fresh and sweet, but some says if you have this wintermelon tea with no sugar it's good to you who're suffering from diabetes and nepropathy.

>> Avocado Espresso
Price : IDR 28.000

Next one is my favourite, yeaaa even they don't use tea at all, but I love the combination between avocado and espresso, as we know there's so many cafe or resto that blended avocado with mocha or coffee, and it works well. The Avocado Espresso here is so nice, even they blended, but in my mouth they feel like separated, once I drink it I can taste the strong flavour of avocado, at the end you can taste the bitter of espresso, that's kinda perfect feeling when I had it.

>> Signature Green Tea Lime
Price : IDR 23.000

This Signature Green Tea Lime is a simply fresh beverage, the combination between classis green tea and lime, give an extra fresh sensation in your mouth. The taste is quite sweet but not over and that's what makes this green tea lime is nice, I recommend this Signature Green Tea Lime for you who are really want something fresh to drink.

>>  Signature Green Tea Milk
Price : IDR 22.000

Another green tea variation, if green tea with lime give extra fresh sensation now they add some milk, so it became Signature Green Tea Milk. Nice green tea combined with fresh milk, hmmm fresh ! I really like it and you can add extra matcha or green tea pudding, taste so fresh, it's like a green tea latte you know but different sensation, you should try it ;)

>> Signature Black Milk Tea with Pearl
Price : IDR 24.000

Next, we have Signature Black Milk Tea with Pearl, this is a mainstream milk tea drink in every tea shop, you can find this tea in every tea shop, and for honest I don't think this milk tea special, because taste just like the others but what makes it different is the pearl, the pearl is chewy and sweet, it's a perfect black milk tea companion.

>> Rose Tea Lime
Price : IDR 22.000

Next is Rose Tea Lime, I don't know why but I really like rose tea from the eye-catching colour, the aroma and absolutely the taste. Strong flavour of tea with rose aroma hmm so delicating. You can request how sweet do you want, for me I prefer the normal one, and you can add extra ice if you like. For Tea section, I pick this one as favourite. Lovely rose tea with lime, fresh !

>> Brown Rice Green Tea
Price : IDR 19.000

Not just Ice Tea , TEACUPS also have hot one, and I love it ! It served separately between water and the tea, you are given a teabags and hot water, and you just put the teabags into your cup and you can enoy it hehe. There's a lot of tea you can choose, but for now I have Brown Rice Green Tea, I never imagine to add brown rice to green tea, and I think it's quite good, I can't explain you how it works on green tea, but give you different sensation and they said that it's good for your health. So have a try foodies :9

Well, there's some of their menu that I try, and for me everything here is good. So if you're at Mal Taman Anggrek and feel like something to drink and especially tea, I recommend you this teashop, it's so much better than another in Mal Taman Anggrek I think, but that's just my humble opinion, so happy trying foodies :D

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu

Mal Taman Anggrek 4th Floor E21
Jl. Letjen S.Parman Kav.21
(021) 5639418



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