Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Genji - Another Friendly Japanese Restaurant

Ramen, one of the booming dish nowadays, there're so many ramen house in Jakarta, because now everyone be a "Ramenisitis" what is ramenisitis? you can check on my review before because I'm a generous person, I'll tell you a little, ramenisitis is like a disease that often happened now, there's so many ramen house, but most of them doesn't show us a really authentic ramen, and maybe just served ramen, but I have one favourite japanese resto that have so many japanese food such as ramen *which really booming now* , donburi, and also sushi , interested? So this is it .. Genji Japanese Food.

Actually this is a new restaurant, maybe most of you don't even know the name, yap they are really new comer here maybe 3 months ago, and still have 30% discounts promo for lunch hehe, everyday I almost pass through here but I don't that Genji is a restaurant until my girlfriend tell me she craving for ramen, and we decided to looking for restaurant who serve ramen, and luckily she look at the big Genji billboard "Ramen Sushi Bento" and we know that Genji is a restaurant, and we directly get through it, and the resto looks new from the environment and we came here too early, so they haven't well prepared, but it's okay, the waiter just let us to sit and wait till' 11 o'clock , by the way Genji Japanese Food is located on Jl.Tanjung Duren Barat 1 No.12, Genji is quite easy to find because in strategic area, good spot in Tanjung Duren..

Genji come with simply japanese concept, nothing special with the decoration, the lightning is warm, you can feel homey atmosphere here, the kitchen and dining area became one, so when we wait for our order we can see every single step that the head chef and the assistant do to prepare our food, and I think the head chef is also the owner here , look cool right? haha they put some frame on the wall and for me that's a great idea, simple but be a nice component here, Genji is big enought I think, well they have a daily special menu, so everytime you came here there's always a new, not new actually but special menu that not available every day hehe, kinda surprise for me, and the menu is writen on the blackboard here, the service is quite good too, they serve quickly and friendly, so here we go the menu !

>>Cawan Mushi
Price : IDR 8.000

For the appetaizer we have cawan mushi.. Cawan mushi is literaly write as "Chawanmushi" is an Japanese egg custard or in Chinese well-known as steamed eggs, actually they're same, the different just by the toppings. The custard consists of an egg mixture flavored with soy sauce, dashi, and mirin, with numerous ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko and boiled shrimp placed into a tea-cup-like container, but in Genji Japanese Resto they replace shrimp with crab-stick and for me it's still okay, the custard is so soft and the aroma is quite good, the mirin, soy sauce and dashi makes it perfect ! This cawan mushi is served hot, really great appetaizers ! I love it ! Recommended !

>>Tonkotsu Ramen
Price : IDR 31.000

Next, is one of the meal that my girlfriend craving for , Ramen ! And Genji serve ramen in hakata style, so this is it Tonkotsu Ramen, and you can choose Tori or Buta for the topping, we absolutely pick buta ! Tori is chicken and buta is pork, we really love ramen with pork, because the authentic recipe for ramen is using pork, but in Indonesia they create ramen with chicken too hehe, tonkotsu ramen style using thin noodle with pork broth soup, and the aroma is definitely makes me can't wait to eat this ramen, the presentation is good too with tamago (half-boiled egg) and also slice prok which has cooked before with some special spice, and the taste is perfect, the sliced-pork is tender and sweet, the soup is salty and hot with sesame too for the garnish and chives, the portion is big enough for me, and the taste is perfect, I really like it ! You must try this ! 

>>Buta Chashu Don
Price : IDR 18.000

Next menu is the bento, instead of ramen, bento and sushi are their specialities, so here we go the bento, named buta chashu don, don means rice, buta means pork, and chashu is how the pork cooked, buta chashu made from slice pork which saute with some sweet spice, than the sliced pork, buta chashu is more tasteful, sweet and salty, served on the top of rice, this buta chashu is so tender and there's some fat from the pork, which make the taste is wonderful, really like the texture and of course the taste ! for the garnish they use chives and sesame, and this buta chashu don is served with miso soup and gyoza, for the gyoza you can choose you want chicken or pork, I prefer pork for gyoza, the miso soup is quite good too, became a great set for lunch ! IDR 18.000 for this set? Don't think twice ! just order it and you will get the satisfaction 

>>Volcano Roll
Price : IDR 42.000

Next menu is the Sushi, yey now I'm a sushi eater and lover, before I was hater -.- and now I know how delicious sushi is, and Genji Japanese Food has some special sushi rolls that's not available everyday, and today we can order Volcano Roll as the special one, so for the sushi we have volcano roll, one of the most well-known sushi roll I think. Sushi roll with salmon, cucumber and avocado topped with crispy tempura, spicy mayonaise, and tobiko (flying fish roe), and wasabi inside the roll and nori for sure, great combination of sushi roll, the salmon is fresh ! that's the key of the Volcano Roll, all of the ingridients are fresh, taste great and I really love this sushi, 6 pieces per-portion is not enough I think ! Really recommended !

And for the drink we just order Ocha (Japanese Tea) for IDR 8.000 , because they only provide ocha and soft drink hehe, and like the other Japanese Restaurant, Ocha is refillable, and also at Genji, this is a refillable ocha, fresh and plain, and this ocha has a function to netralized all the spice of the food, so if you came here just order ocha hehe, Great atmosphere, good service, various menu and great taste with really affordable prize, so what are you waiting for? Genji Japanese Food is opened for you ! Have a great dining experience here ! 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto

Genji Japanese Restaurant
Jl. Tanjung Duren Barat 1 No. 12
West Jakarta

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