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Paradise Dynasty - The Legend of Xiao Long Bao

Like usual, every weekend me and my family go to church in the morning and after that we have lunch, last Sunday we went to Plaza Senayan, one of the biggest mall in Jakarta , the traffic to Senayan is so crowded on Sunday, that's why after we arrived at Plaza Senayan, we directly went to the restaurant for having lunch, and we love to have lunch in Chinese style hehe, and as we know there's some chinese restaurant that really famous here, just say din tai fung, nan xiang and many more, but for now we choose chinese restaurant where xiao long bao and lamien are they signature dish, so this is it Paradise Dynasty..

Intro & Location:
Who don't know Paradise Dynasty ? I think most of has known it, because they're famous even don't have many outlets just at Plaza Senayan and Central Park as I know hehe, maybe this restaurant isn't as famous as duck king or din tai fung, but they have authentic recipe that will satisfy you for sure, well they're located at Plaza Senayan 5th floor, near Marche Restaurant and Cinema XXI , so it's really strategic because easy to find, but when you came here like me on lunch time or dinner I think you have to be a waiting list because they full, they're famous because of lamien and xiao long bao but they also have various chinese menu, and after about 10 minutes we get seat and we ready for having lunch here :D
Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Environment & Service:
You'll feel so "chinese" here from the decoration, just from the outside we can see all the ornament here is really chinese, if you came here maybe you will feel like in an old chinese dynasty just say ming dynasty? haha but they really make this dining area like in chinese dynasty, everything here is really authentic and classy too, even they have pork in the menu, they also serve non-pork menu that everyone can enjoy it, and the food-processing is absolutely separated so don't worry for non-pork eater hehe, they really prepare everything so chinese here, and we can see the chef is from China too, so the dish here is made by the expert of course hehe, you don't need to worry for the food, they serve the best for us with great service too, even in hectic time they still quick for the service, and also friendly waiter of course, we can see all the food processing here, because they have open kitchen, I really enjoy the atmosphere and service here hehe, now let's move to the meal..
Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

>>Steamed Vegetable Bun
Price : IDR 25.000

Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

For the appetaizer we have bun, simple one, just vegetables bun, even simple like that the taste is still great ! The bun is so soft and smooth, the aroma is perfect really love it, I never find the bun texture like this one, and the filling is saute spinach with carrot too which cooked perfectly with salt and pepper only, scrumptious !! I usually eat bun or pao with meat filling such as chicken or pork, but when I try the vegetables bun here, I love it ! There's no veggie taste, great food processing, 1 portion only get 2 pieces, but the bun is quite big too, and serve hot so you can feel the delicates :9 so yummy ! it's appropriate for vegetarian no daily product at all, perfect ! Recommended !

>>Signature Dynasty Dumplings
Price : IDR 88.000

Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Next menu is the signature dish here, Xiao Long Bao !! 
"The Legend of Xiao Long Bao" that's the tag here, so you made a big mistake if you don't order it, because they have many varians of xiao long bao, I choose Signature Dynasty Dumplings which contains 8 kind of different xiao long bao here, you'll enjoy it so much and will get a satisfaction from the xiao long bao, I'll explain you one by one 

Steamed Shanghai Dumpling - White
The first is steamed shanghai dumpling (white) , this is the original xiao long bao you can choose the filling, pork or chicken, just minced pork or chicken put in dumpling skin and steamed, the characteristic of xiao long bao is soggy, really moist inside from the meat even it's pork or chicken the aroma is perfect, and because it's steamed, there's some broth here, tasteful ! so yummy the original one :9

Steamed Shanghai Ginseng - Green
The next one is stamed shanghai ginseng, most of all this xiao long bao is same as the original just add ginseng inside, the taste is liitle bit different you can taste the herbal aroma from the ginseng and also the taste, the dumpling skin also has herbal aroma from the ginseng, they use minced chicken for this steamed shanghai ginseng, delicious and healthy :9

Steamed Shanghai Cheesy - Yellow
The combination of chinese and western, it's rare you find chinese food combined with cheese, but here they have xiao long bao with cheese named steamed shanghai cheese, they use minced chicken for the filling, and put cheese in it, they use parmesan cheese, not mozarella which have melted texture, parmesan cheese which is steamed give some sensation, the cheese just mixed with the chicken and the broth, and the colour of skin is yellow for indicating the chesse, unique ! must try !

Steamed Shanghai Garlic - Brown
Garlic is one of chinese spice that every dish need, so they combine the xiao long bao with garlic and make the tatse is stronger than before by the garlic, this garlic xiao long bao use minced pork in it, and the aroma is different for sure, also the broth, great one, they use garlic oil too here, so delicious ! must try !

Steamed Shanghai Crab Roe - Orange
can you imagine xiao long bao with crab row? this is the answer, actually for the first time I feel a little hesitant to try this because I don't really like crab roe, but after taste it I enjoy it, it's different, the roe is not too strong, just give a little extract, they use minced pork here, combination between pork and crab roe? hmm SCRUMPTIOUS !

Steamed Shanghai Szechuan - Pink
Next xiao long bao varian is one of authentic kind of sauce, steamed shanghai szechuan ! Szechuan is really famous with the spicy and hot cuisine, and so this xiao long bao, the taste is hot ! Typical of szechuan dish , I really like hot food and so I love this one !! the filling is pork, and just add szechuan sauce, perfect ! must try !

Steamed Shanghai Black Truffle - Black
Next steamed shanghai is combination of chinese and european, this is french style menu, black truffle ! truffle is part of mushroom that i know hehe, often used in french dish, this is the first time I eat black truffle, the taste is not bad, I don't know exactly the taste of black truffle because already mixed with the pork, the colour is a liitle horror haha but the taste is great ! 

Steamed Shanghai Foie Gras - Ocher
The last is another french combination, foie gras this is duck liver which often in french dish, great combination, I really love the combination between foie gras and minced pork, the aroma is strong, pork and foie gras mixed perfectly with delicious broth of pork, the skin also soft, save the best for the last is the most suit tag here !

>>Lamien with Dry Shrimp and Scallion
Price : IDR 48.000

Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Well, let's move to the La Mian, la mian is the signature dish too, mostly la mien is serve with soup, but in Paradise Dynasty there's kind of dry la mian, just like common noodle not la mian hehe, so I order this for comparison with the common la mian here, Lamien with Dry Shrimp and Scallion, the presentation is not too okay, just lamien with scallion and dried shrimp on top, but the aroma is great ! serve with soup on side the lamien hehe, the texture of this lamien is super ! I can't tell how great is the texture of this lamien, the taste is salty they use soy sauce and sesame oil for the seasoning, simply best lamien and the dried shrimp give extra flavour for the dish, I love it ! Perfect !

>>Lamien with Sliced Pork in Signature Pork Bone Soup
Price : IDR 55.000

Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Photo of Smokey Ribs in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

And this is the star for today, Lamien with Sliced Pork in Signature Pork Bone Soup, signature dish from Paradise Dynasty, they have many kind of lamien, but if you ask the waiter they must recommend you this lamien, the presentation is good in big portion of big bowl with chinese ornament, make me can't wait to eat it ! This lamien contain their home made lamien, signature pork bone soup which cooked about 2 days, that's why the soup is so tasteful, perfect soup, salty and savoury ! served with sliced pork, half-boiled egg and kailan with chives, instead of nice texture of lamien and strong broth flavour of signature pork bone soup, the sliced pork also made this lamien perfect, so tender and the fat just give some aroma when you eat it, and the perfectly cooked half-boiled egg be a great compliment in this lamien, must try this ramen if you get a chance to dining here ! Really recommended ! Must try !

So if you looking for authentic chinese restaurant with really chinese atmosphere and good sevice with the best lamien and xiao long bao in town *so far for me* this is what are you looking for, Paradise Dynasty there's nothing beside satisfaction that you'll get here, great dish with reasonable price, what are you waiting for? 

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu

Paradise Dynasty
Plaza Senayan, Lt.5
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan

follow them @paradiseindo


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