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Yumm Thai - Everyday Thai, Your Way

It's been a while I'm not writing in English, but now I'll try it heh.. so sorry for a lot of grammatically mistakes 

Well, Who like Thai Food ? actually I'm not a die hard Thai Food but I won't say no to them ! because thai food is unique, they used a lot of spice with authentic taste that you can't find at another meal, I could say Thai Food is tasteful, however some of Thai restaurant don't served us the authentic recipe of Thai Food, but if you ask me for a recommendation, I have one ! the restaurant still new comer but for the taste they could be a former, yummy ! so this is it , Yumm Thai..

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

Yumm Thai is a new restaurant in Senopati. There's a lot of restaurant in this district, but some of them go with western, rarely Asian, especially Thai ! I'm so happy that one of authentic thai resto has opened, located in Jl.Senopati No.66 Yumm Thai is quite easy to find, you just have to drive slowly and look around, Yum Thai is not far from Apotik Senopati if you know hehe, and because of Senopati is a one-way road please look carefully or you'll passed it, and that's not possible to turn over here and unluckily when you go here at work-off time this area will be so crowded. Yum Thai is owned by 10 friends who really like travelling of course and they find that Thai is a great idea so they invested in this restaurant, when I came here this restaurant is quite full on dinner, worker is a majority here, even they're new but already have some loyal customers, and I think I'll be the next.

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

The venue is not too big, beside there's a cultural thing shop they have a quite large parking space, so don't worry for a car-traveler, the design is quite simple, just some of Thai ornament here, but the atmosphere is so friendly, the ligthing is warm enough, and then we can see the kitchen directly, so we know how our food is processed and see their hygiene, I love the ambience here, comfortable seats , the restaurant also have smoking and non-smoking area, one of the positive point, they also provide free wi-fi connection, great facilities. The service is good too, they served our dish quickly and they have friendly staffs include chef, waiter, waitress and even the owner, they make us feels like home 

Now let's move to the signature dish here !

>>Seafood Pad Thai
Price : IDR 44.500

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

For the first menu is one of the most well-known thai dish beside tom yum soup, Pad Thai or we know it as "Fried Kwetiau" , but is not just simple as fried kwetiau, Pad Thai is more complicated dish, even they looked easy to make, pad thai is served with bean sprouts, chives, chili powder, and also smashed peanuts and lemon, they separated that ornaments with the kwetiau because not everyone like chili, nut, bean sprouts or peanuts, but for me if you want the tasteful dish you have to mix all the component here, this pad thai will get "coloured" sweet, sour,salty and hot ! every taste is combined perfectly, for the kwetiau you can choose chicken, beef, seafood or tofu. I think seafood is a perfect choice, they use fresh prawn, squid and fish cake, great dish ! really recommended !

>>Beef Green Curry
Price : IDR 49.500

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

Next menu is of top Thai dish too, maybe not many people now that Curry is one of the authentic dish in Thai, they have 2 kinds of curry, red and green curry. I like green curry more because the spice is not to strong and feel comfort to eat that, at Yumm ThaiGreen Curry is one their recommended dish, for the meat you can choose chicken, beef, seafood and also tofu, but for this dinner I picked beef, they use tenderloin for the curry, they just boiled the beef with the curry, the cut is quite thick that's why the texture is a little bit rough and dry , but some of them is tender, the beef rough and dry maybe bacause of over-cooked, but I still enjoy it hehe because taste great ! the curry is like "opor" with more spice and oily, look fresh with shred of red and green chili, this curry is served with white rice or red rice for your information ! Tasteful ! Must Try !

>>Pineapple Fried Rice
Price : IDR 39.500

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

As I often write on my review before, everycountry has their own style for the fried rice , as I know Thai comes out with 2 variety of fried rice : Tom Yum Fried Rice and Pineapple Fried Rice. One that I try here is Pineapple Fried Rice which is a new menu ! Really excited to try it, Pineapple Fried Rice served in really big portion, I think it's suitable for 4-person shared.. Super big portion !! The taste of fried rice is "nano-nano" (sweet, sour and salty) ! many big cut of pineapple make this fried rice look and taste fresh, and for the compliment they served this perfect fried rice with chicken abon, cashew, and raisins, feels like briyani rice hehe, beside pineapple, the fried rice contains prawn, squid and also fish cake, real Thai dish ! Taste so amazing , you have to try this for sure, really love it !

>>Seafood Vermicelli
Price : IDR 44.500

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

Maybe seafood vermicelli is not common as thai food, I don't even know this menu is from thai  served in the hotpot, there's a vermicelli with some food iclude big prawns, squids and fish-fillet the portion is quite big, the colour is dark because they use soy sauce for this menu, and if you delicate you can smell characteristical aroma from herbs and tha fact the dish use some herbs, when you eat this seafood vermicelli, the herbs is quite strong, so for you who don't like herbs, don't have this for your dinner hehe, actually I don't really like herbs, when I first taste it I feel funny :| , but for the next bite I can enjoy it, and it's healthy too, yummy :9

>>Coconut Pudding
Price : IDR 38.000

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

After the authentic main course, here we go.. Desserts !!
they served a lot of authetic thai dessert, well the first is coconut pudding.. It's like a must have dessert, the pudding is made from real coconut, and you can't use any coconut for this, you should use thai coconut which have rough peel, the pudding is served on the real coconut, good presentation amazing taste, really love the aroma of coconut and also the taste, taste like eat the real coconut, perfect one, the portion is big too, you can share it with your partner, but me I prefer to finish this myself, because it's addictive one ! Get crazy with this coconut pudding ! I'm craving this the night after I dinner here 

>>Mango Sticky Rice
Price : IDR 23.500

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

I think this dessert is standar Thai food, every thai restaurant have this kind of dessert, sticky rice with cream made from coconut and mascarpone and also sweet coconut served with sliced of fresh mangoes, the mangoes should more orange but it's not easy to find, so they change the mango with another but same sweetness, but you can switch the aroma, they're different, but taste good too, the sticky rice was perfectly cooked, the cream is tastefull, and the orange on the of sticky rice is coconut which chopped and boiled in sugar, like garnish, this mango sticky rice is authentic and sweet ! Perfect !

>>Crispy Coconut Pancake
Price : IDR 18.000

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

You can't find this in any Thai Resto, because it's a Thai street food, in Thailand you can easily find it around you, but Yumm Thaiserved it ! This Crispy Coconut Pancake is look and taste like crepe, so crispy and yummy , I really love it ! The pancake or crepe is sweet, they use cinnamon here, I can taste it that's why this dessert has a perfect aroma, this crepe is topped with mascarpone cheese, coconut cream and some cut of coconut. 6 pieces is not enough in one portion, really great desseet, I've never been tried this crispy coconut pancake before. This is the first time and I'm fallin' in love ! Really recommended :9

>>Thai Iced Tea
Price : IDR 17.500

Photo of Genji Japanese Food in Tanjung Duren Jakarta

for the beverages, they just served us simple drink like tea , coffee, and soft drinks, if you like alcoholic drink, there's beer too here hehe, but the special drinks are thai iced tea and thai iced coffee. For this time I choose thai iced tea, thai iced tea is authentic thai drink and I always like it, actually this is just tea with milk, but the tea is not ordinary tea, they use special thai tea with different aroma, you can't change the tea with any kind of tea you want hehe, that's why the taste is authentic, so fresh ! the tea is strong and milk makes creamy, sweet and fresh ! Good one

Stay Hungry,
Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu

Yumm Thai
Jl. Senopati No. 66
(021) 7261162
follow their twitter : @YummThai

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