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Smoking Joe's BBQ and Lounge - Great Dining Spot

Welcome back with me Verdi a.k.a the Hungry Doctor, and now I wanna share my great dining experience at one of the most famous steak house in Jakarta City, and I'm a bit sure that many of you have known this spot and even tried their super menu bbq , and I went here a few months ago with my family , and we have dinner here, what a great night for me, this is Smoking Joe's BBQ and Lounge.


Smoking Joe's BBQ and Lounge is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of The East Tower Mezzanine , where in Lingkar Mega Kuningan area, this restaurant is not the only one restaurant here, but on the off-office day the other venue is closed, just this restaurant that open hehe, and they also provided 'Nobar Euro 2012' so this restaurant open untill late night, great service here, the spot is big too, and there's an elevator too from the parking area, so we didn't need to enter the building and go upstairs, they have private elevator.

The dining area is so big, there's a lounge too on the next floor, there's like mini bar for you who just want to drink and enjoy the atmosphere here and the live music too, well this live music only operating on 7 p.m on Friday and Saturday hehe, the music is jazz, r n b, slow rock,cool ,I really enjoy them, the dining area is so clean and wide, great place, the services is quick enough dan the waiters are so friednly with us, good job.

I've came here many times , and never get bored , because they have wide variety of menu, if you came here for lunch you'll get an opening menu such as bread , so while waiting you can eat that , but if you came here for dinner and especially on weekend you won't get the thing but there's live music for the service hehe. So here's some menu that I've ever tried at Smoking Joe's BBQ and Lounge

>>Macaroni n Cheese
Price : IDR 35.000

This is my appetaizer, macaroni n cheese , a simple menu with rich taste yum, the key of this delicates is from the perfect timing for pasta cooking and also the usage of the cheese, they use an unusual macaroni , the macaroni here is more like shell, big one with perfect elasticity texture, they perfectly cooked, not under or over , and then put some mozarella cheese and also cheedar cheese, they use 2 kind of cheese, and that's make it so rich, after that they put it on the oven, just to make the cheese melted, what a great appetaizer.

>>Rib's Eye Steak
Price : IDR 225.000

this is one of their specialities, Rib's eye steak, I always love to eat rib's eye steak if there's rib's eye steak on their menu, and in this resto, they just perfect , yummy, they use prime us beef here, they picked the best meat , that's why the prices is high too but worthed it, they grilled it perfectly, the beef is so tender even they cooked well done, maybe if you eat at other place well done the meat will be rough, but here still tender, and this menu is served with a lot of lettuce and potato wedges with a lot of herbs , great taste and the sauce is good too, so creamy with mushroom in it, perfect.

>>Tenderloin Steak
Price : IDR 175.000

still from steak menu, if the first is rib's eye , now tenderloin, as we know tenderloin is one of the best quality of meat , because fat free , yeah and in this restaurant, they cooked tenderloin so well, even the meat is small , they're thick , so the texture is so juicy and tender, the steak here is cooked medium-well, so the taste will be so great , they use brown sauce with some black pepper in it, served with lettuce and also baby potato which already sauted with garlic and some herbs, special dish :9

>>Quarter Pork Ribs
Price : IDR 150.000

and this menu is Smoking's Joe speciality too,their super smokey ribs, there are two options of ribs, pork and beef , actually we ordered both of them, but for me the pork is better, because the beef maybe looked bigger but they just have big bone and less mear, different with pork, they have small bone with a lot of meat and also lard hoho, so yummy, and this pork just served a quarter, even the quarter the portion already big, you can feel this smokey aroma so well, and basically the taste already perfect withou addition of sauce, there are 3 kind of bbq sauce, I usually mixed them together and tha taste just perfect, hot, spicy, salty, sweet and lil sour with authentic aroma of bbq sauce

 >> Beef Ribs
Price : IDR 180.000

If the previous menu is pork ribs , now beef , the menu is not so different, but beef ribs has bigger bone than pork, for the taste must be great , the texture is tender and also juicy , the taste is so special, smokey one,  grilled perfectly , because of the big portion, you can share it , but if you don't really like black pepper it's not good because the first componen that really dominant is black pepper, and it makes a taste little hot, to enjoy it don't forget the super bbq sauce, this delicious beef ribs is served with sauted brocolli and mashed potato , yummy :9

>>Pulled Pork
Price : IDR 95.000

well this is my dad's favourite menu, everytime we get here, he always order it, because it's so easy to eat , you don't even need knife to cut it, because they're so tender, the taste salty , and you feel the smokey here, the portion is big too , i can tell you the taste, you have to try by yourself , amazing !! and served with corn and french fries , for the side dish you pick by yourself hehe.

>>Veggie Burger
Price : IDR 75.000

never think that Smoking Joe's only for the carnivores , they serve a vegetarian menu too for the vegan, and the menu is special too, veggie burger, there's no milk or any dairy products is this menu, the burger is quite simple. only bun and the patty, the patty is made from vegetables and also mushroom, served with frech fries and simple salad , and the dressing for salah using sour cream hehe, taste great , so don't afraid to come here vegan hehe

>>Lychee Momosa
Price : IDR 41.000


Smoking Joe's also provided mocktails and cocktails, mocktails is non alcoholic one, and in many choice of mocktails, I chose Lychee Momosa , this is a mocktails which made from lychee, pinepple , mango, and some rhum with sparkling water, one word for this menu, freshing !! unique taste, the taste just change in my mouth, first touch is lychee for sure, but after that mango dominated it a lil' sensation of rhum, super drink of the day , fresh.

>>Fruits Salad
Price : IDR 37.000


Next is the dessert, and I chose fruits salad the presentation is really attractive, with beautiful arrangement of colour , they just cut the fruits into little piece, so beautiful, this fruits salad contains watermelon, apple , pineapple, mango, kiwi , and melon, and then served with a scoop of matcha ice cream, matcha is green tea, so they use green tea ice cream, and garnished with strawberry, perfect match, so fresh , slurp.

That's all my menu, from appetaizer to dessert, they're all great, friendly and cozy environment, good ambience, the price maybe high but still match with what you get hehe, great night perfect dinner at Smoking Joe's BBQ and Lounge.

The Hungry Doctor

Smoking Joe's BBQ and Lounge
The East Tower Mezzanine Lantai 2 & 3
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan kav. E3.2 No. 1
Jakarta Selatan
(021) 57958148
follow them @smoking_joes

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