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Wanton Mie - Good Morning BATAM !!

Hey everyone !! Long Time no blogging nih hehem yeepp I just finished my holiday *include with Culinary Journey* hehehe, and this holiday I went to Singapore, but via Batam, so I spent 3 days 2 nights at Batam before heading Singaopore by ferry hehe, from Jakarta to Batam only took about one and half hours , not so long hehe, and I used Lion Air for the Airlines, because they had the lowest fare hehehe, okay this is my plan , I went to Batam by Plane and than from Batam to Singapore I'll take ferry and go back to jakarta by plane from Singapore.

And after an one and half hours flight , I arrived at Kang Nadim Airport which is the international airport in Batam, and I directly took a taxi to my hotel, and I just found the first unique thing here, if we usually pay as look in argometer in taxi, in Batam the taxi doesn't have argometer, they already has fixed price for every destination, for example , from airport to Nagoya area *where my hotel located* we had to pay IDR 70.000 , and after got to hotel and put my luggage there, I walked across the road and arrived at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, the biggest shopping mal in town hehe.

I don't know how to response their panctuality , one side I impressed but the other side a little fretful , because this area start to open at 10 o'clock in the morning , and I arrived there at 9.55 , but nothing there, all the shops still close and also the resto , cafe or bistro , just one little restaurant that open this morning , and this is Wanton Noodle.

In front of the shop there's a big banner about this resto , and they used 60 years receipt, so it's so classic resto with authentic dish, this place is located near the entrance, just walk about 500 metes, you'll see a little shop with big yellow banner, still in the Nagoya Hill area but in the mall hehe, the place is small actually but feel so warm and relax here, the service is good too, the waiter threat me so nice, they recommend me their specialities and the service is quick enough, she is so friendly , and I talked much about batam, because I still don't know about this area, I asked everything, start from shopping area until the historical thing in Batam , and finally my order is ready !!

Let's have breakfast !!! hohohoho~

>>Wanton Noodles
Price : IDR 15.000

This is the special menu , just like their shop name, maybe we often find it on hongkong style resto , but this is more like singaporean if you look to another menu, this wanton noodles is served in three kind of portion, small , medium, or large, and I decided to choose small one, the positive side is I still can try their another menu hehe, and we can choose to how we want the season of this noodles, can be with soy souce , soy and chili , or just chili, I prefer soy and chili as the waiter's recommendation, it contains noodles, a cut of chicken charsiew , boiled vegetables , and also fried wonton and wonton soup , just so complete, and taste good, the first bite i feel strange with thier season, but at last I just loved it , so great , unique and good, the noodles in so small , but so delicious :9 nyam nyam

>>Singaporean Laksa
Price : IDR 19.000
as I told you before, this resto is more like singaporean cafe, now I try the another menu, singaporean laksa, maybe we can find it easily in Jakarta , but it taste different , I ever tried this food in one of the most well known kopitiam called Killiney , but I really don't like it , so fishy and nasty *hoek* , but now I screw up my courage to eat it once again, maybe in this spot taste better, for what does it look like, it just same as singaporean laksa that I've been eaten bfore, big noodle , served with tofu , fish cake, beansprouts, boiled eggs , and balacan with laksa soup which contain coconut milk, and it taste good, so different , the taste are mixed together , they come out with unique taste and make me addictive with it , super yummy

>>Fried Wonton
Price : IDR 15.000

actually I've tried the fried wonton before , in the portion of wonton noodle, but i like the fried wonton, so I ordered another 1 portion of fried wonton, the size is so small, but the taste..
hmmmmm SO YUMMY !!
crunchy and crispy , because the wonton skin is so thin, when it deep fried will be so crispy , this wonton is filled with soft pork chop , taste great , it served with tomato sauce and also mayonaise, so if you like you can dipped with it, but i prefer to eat it with chili sauce haha, just my advice, for you who like hot dish, better dip with chili sauce hehe.

So, this is a really good welcome dish from Batam, first I don't expect too much with this resto , but i love this small resto , good location, great atmosphere , super great taste and also reasonable price, Wanton Noodles really made my day , GOOD MORNING BATAM !!

Let's continue to another Batam's Food :p

The Hungry Doctor

Wanton Mie
Nagoya Hill Superblok Blok J No.12 (Depan Air Mancur)
Nagoya, Batam

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