Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Hills Restaurant - Happy Breakfasting!

Hi Hunger Mania,

Batam is the city with many attraction and mostly for shopping and also culinary journey , to go around Batam you need to take taxi or rent a car, and I prefer to rent a car ,because taxi here are so expensive *even the rental car is also expensive* , my hotel provided a rental car with the driver too, and I decided to take it , so my driver name is Mr.Yono , he's a javanese, but already lived in Batam about 7 years , so he already knowed everything here.

And after a long journey today, it's time for breakfasting, because my driver needed to breakfasting , so we decided to threated him in one of the great restaurant in Nagoya area, the name is The Hills Restaurant, this is a restaurant which just open in the afternoon, because they respect everyone who are moslems, this is a Buffet Restaurant , so here's ALL YOU CAN EAT , hahaha yeah I love AYCE so much , we can eat eveything with just a payment.

The restaurant is big enough, the decoration here is simple, and purple is a dominan colour here, you can eat everywhere here, it's all up to you here, the services here is self service , but if the food stock already empty , the waiter will take it and fill it with another menu, so good service, quick, so you won't find an empty tray, the place is also clean and has great atmosphere to eat here, for 1 person you need to pay IDR 46.500++ , last price maybe about IDR 52.000 per person hehe, it's all same between adult and child.

To start with I choose Kolak

the kolak here served hot , beacuse they put in pot , the kolak is little unique , this kolak only contain sweet plum potato, and so soft , it's so great , one of the best kolak i've ever had, the kolak is sweet as usual, but if we usually eat in warm condition, they served it so hot, but so good for the body, can prepare our metabolism to eat more, beside kolak , there's also Green Bean Soup

This is one of the soup too beside there's chicken soup but I didn't try it hehehe, this green bean mixed with red bean too , that's why the colour is little "butek" , the mixture of two kind beans become a good taste , they also use ginger here, so can make your body warm.

Let's go to another meal , they have many kind of food for maincourse, here's some that I try, I just put them together in a plate , there's fried rice , fried noodle, mixed vegetables, fried chicken , black pepper beef , cheese sausage and also stir soya with tomato sauce , tha last one is unique , I've ever tried it before when i was travelling to China and I like it so much , when I found it I decided to pick it hehe, taste great , sweet with the crunchy texture of soya bean.

Beside the unique soya sauce , there's cheese sausage which is really makes me addictive, the little cut of sausage taste so good, it was made from the mixture of chicken, prawn and also cheese, they fried it not to long , so the outside you'll the chewy and inside you can feel the melted cheese, actually the sausage itself already contain cheese, so double cheese, so good.

The fried chicken just usual, crispy enough, and after it I take a salad too , the salad is a simple salah with thousand island sauce which taste sweet and sour , and then I took a pastry, there's croissant and also raisin pastry , they're all good, the smell of butter is strong enough, and crispy too, you can eat it with butter , jam or dipped in soup hehe.

At last , finished it with fresh fruit hehe, we really enjoy our breakfasting time, and after that we're going back to Hotel and take some rest before ready to continue our culinary journey.


The Hungry Doctor

The Hills Restaurant
Jl Teuku Umar no 01  Batam 29432

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