Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tanjung Laut - Seafood Time in Semarang

Semarang is one of big cities in Indonesia where you can explore many kinds of food and seafood is one of their best meal here, if you want to travel to semarang and look for seafood restaurant, i have one restaurant which is really recommended for you guys, this is it ! Tanjung Laut.

just like their name, this restaurant is located in the cape , above 1.7 hectares of fish ponds, so the environment here is so delightful, but if you came here in the middle of day, it's gonna be hot, but still can enjoy the breeze, the pond may not clean but you can use it for fishing activity, but you have to bring your equipment by yourself.

this restaurant is so big and clean, often used for gathering or meeting, then i went here for holiday with my family, we took a sit near a live music performance, every seafood here is fresh, because near of the port, beside good environment, the services here also great , they really communicative and informative , has a good knowledge about their dishes, no need to worry if you don't know the menu, they'll explain it clearly.

the food process here is quick enough, just about 10-20 minutes , all of your order is ready to serve, i don't know how the kitchen looks like, but i'm pretty sure that they have a lot of professional chef , because even it's so busy here (the costumer getting more time by time), but they still top in service.

Well, this is my menu, I'm sorry if I just guess the menu name as I remember, because I forgot their exact name hehe -.-v

>> Fried Squid with Caramel Egg

my first impression is unique ! squid is cooked with caramel and eggs, so this menu contains deep-fried squid which is really crispy and salty, real crispy for sure, but you still can feel the rubbery texture of squid, not much flour here, and then it serves with caramel egg, it's kinda mixture of stir egg and caramel sauce and then fried like fiber , cute one, the taste just awesome if you eat it together, you got the crisp, salt , sweet every bite, and for garnish they put some chop basil and chilli to make it colourful

>> Butter Prawn Tanjung Laut

it's a simple dish with super taste, the presentation maybe just ordinary but taste extra-ordinary, they used fresh prawn here, I think it's pancet prawn, the texture is good, still crunchy , it cooked with their skin and head, at last this fried prawn is saute with butter and garlic, strong salty flavour, but great, the portion is just fix as it prices.

>> Fried Crab with Tanjung Laut Sauce

it's my favourite menu ! the presentation just like it , with no garnish, like generaly indoensian restaurant, but two thumbs up for the taste, one portion just contain  one crab, medium size, not to big but not small, the most important is fresh, that's make the taste good, the crab has thick crab-meat , and the sauce is awesome, more like padang sauce but also get the sour , but the dominant is still the spicy and hot , i just love the sauce , new taste for me but i love it , unique ! great taste !

so that's all of my meal , for me the taste here is perfect , no doubt about it, they also have a lot of menu, so if you came here after read my blog, better you try their other menu , so we can share different dining experience here, good atmosphere, great taste with reasonable price, love this restaurant very much!

interested to come here?

Adios ,
The Hungry Doctor

Tanjung Laut
Puri Eksekutif No.1 , RSPP
Phone : 024-7617779

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