Sunday, August 19, 2012

Siti Nurbaya - The Perfection of Padang

Hi !!

after walking around in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall for about 4 hours , finally the mall was about to close, so we need to get out here, because of too enjoy shopping , I forgot to eat , and after out from the Mall, I feel so hungry .__. but don't know what to eat , because as I said before , they're so on time, so at 10 o'clock in the evening , they're all closed , and finally with hungry tummy I decided to go back to the hotel.

When arrived in the room, I just can't hold my hungriness , so I decided to go out again and try to find mini market or somewhere I can find food, and Luckily !! on the back of my hotel , there's a Padang Restaurant which still open, and quite crowded here hehe, so let's go there, the restaurant name is Siti Nurbaya, from the nane we already knowed that this is a padang restaurant , siti nurbaya is one the legend in west sumatra , you can google it haha.

Siti Nurbaya is located in Nagoya area too, opposite of Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, if you think is 't just a small restaurant , you're totally wrong , this is so big in case of padang food, but here, you won't find nasi padang haha, they provided sate padang , soto padang , nasi goreng ,mie goreng and also martabak mesir , the place is big and clean , the atmosphere is good too, you can hear a malay song, and many people here just sit and drink coffee hehe, but I have my late dinner here.

The services is good too, the owner threat me well and in this resto they look like so happy when I took some pictures here, and i start conversation with the owner , and when I said I took picture for my food blog , she's so happy haha, and I get discounts lhoo here :p so lucky am I haha.

Here's my first menu !!

>>Perkedel Kentang
Price : IDR 12.000

perkedel kentang is the best seller here, every table order it , and it sell by portion, 1 potion contain 8 pieces of perkedel , the shape of perkedel that we usually eat is 'gepeng' or flat , but here you can see like a ball , unique in shape and awesome in taste, they served it hot , when we order they will fry it ,in the outside the perkedel is so crispy and inside the potato feel so smooth , salty too, really good , and after my sate padang came, I eat this perkedel dip with the satay sauce, perfect !!

>>Sate Padang
Price : IDR 15.000

beside the perkedel, sate padang also the best seller here, the sate padang here is different , for the meat you can choose beef or chicken , yeah they sell chicken for the sate , but i prefer the beef, and the satay here already mixed between meet and veins , the meat is so tender , and the spice has perfectly absorbed, so good here, and satay here served in Pariaman style, you can see from the sauce which is reddish brown, taste strong and super great , in one portion already contain 10 satays and ketupat, and the final touch is the fried onion hehe, one of the best sate padang I've ever had, the tenderness of the meat make me crazy , and also the perfect sauce , yummmy

>>Padang Fried Rice
Price : IDR 13.000

Now here's fried rice in Padang style, looks like an usual fried rice but so different from the taste, they used balado chili like usually eat for ayam pop, so the fried rice looks red with chili inside it , the portion is big enough for me, but because of the taste, i can eat all of it , so good, simple sih, because this fried rice only contain vegetables, chicken , and fried egg, the fried rice cooked without egg, because the egg cooked itself like telor dadar, and served with pickels too , great taste here, nyam nyam

>>Martabak Mesir
Price : IDR 20.000

If you know Martabak Kubang, is not far away from it , martabak mesir, I don't know why the name martabak mesir even this is padang dishes, martabak here is just same as usual martabak, what makes different they use 'rendang' for the fill in, some of martabak seller put chopped meat right , yeah it same here, but the meat already cooked into 'rendang' that's the secret here, they use egg of course, and fried it slowly which make it so great and crispy outside but moist inside, perfect texture, the taste is awesome too, you get the salty , the sweet , everything , combine perfectly , and to enjoy it there;s a dipping sauce which made from vinegar dan soya sauce, the taste is sweet and sour more like 'pempek' sauce , inside it there's also small cut of onion, cucumber, carrot and also tomato, i just can't stop eating this martabak, so perfect !!!!

This is a perfect decision to eat here, even in the begining i didn't expect too much but finally i feel so satisfy, good area , so strategic , and friendly atmosphere , perfect taste and really kind owner, with reasonable price too, just happy  to have late dinner here, thanks Siti Nurbaya.

The Hungry Doctor

Siti Nurbaya
Komplek Seraya Mas Blok C No.1
Nagoya , Batam
(0778) 7213080

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