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Penuin Street Food - the Real Indonesian area

Hi Hungry Mania!!!

Like I've told you before in my last post , that in Penuin area , there's a lot of food to be explored, and before it I've told you about A2 Food Court , now let's move to the other, actually there's one place anymore, the food court at Batam City Square, but the food there are more like fast food restaurant, I don't want it because it's not too healthy, that's why I choose a food market , it's a street food ,called Penuin Food Market. As like their name, this is a compilation of food's wagoon which located in Penuin.

Maybe if you went to Batam you'll find a lot of similiarity of their food , with their neighboor Singapore, yap singapore has many influence to this Batam Island, espicially for the cuisine, you can find a lot of wonton mee, laksa , nasi campur , roasted duck, or chicken curry rice, but in this Penuin Food Market, the only thing you can find is Indonesian food, from ketoprak , nasi goreng , sate, pisang bakar, roti bakar, soto ayam, es kelapa , and many real indonesian food, and it's all great.

Penuin Food Street start to open at 6 o'clock till down, they won't close before sold out, and they didn't need to wait until midnite for it, because this area is so crowded, and the favourite food here is the es kelapa , ketoprak , fried rice and satay, this area is just located road-side but be one of the favourie in Batam, and I went here after I finished my dinner at A2 Food Court , and hunting for watch at BCS, so I'm a little full, so I just try their Fried Rice, and then for the ketoprak and satay have taken away alias di bungkus haha

>>Fried Rice 
Price : IDR 10.000

This is so well known food on the world, even the United States of America's President, Barack Obama , love this food too, and nasi goreng is famous as an Indonesian food. from the far we can smell this super aroma, really hypnotize me and just make crazy and hungry, and I can't hold this passion to eat that, and after 5 minutes my menu came , and the aroma is perfect for me, the portion is big too, maybe the colour is not to attractive but the taste..... Perfect !! onion and garlic is the main spice here, the usage of sweet soya sauce is not too much, so the colour is light not to dark, but the taste still sweet and also salty, this fried rice only contain egg and chicken , no vegetables here, even the presentation is bad , the taste is great and the portion is big too, and make me full.

>>Ketoprak Batam
Price : IDR 8.000

ketoprak is one my favourite food, ketoprak is a dish from cirebon as i know, and ketoprak that maybe we usually but in waggon is from cirebon too, but this is ketoprak batam, so it's different , but basically still the same, a cut of ketupat served with beansprouts, vermicelli , fried tofu and peanut sauce , the sauce is made from gula jawa, peanut, garlic ,and a lot of chili if you like hot and spicy, and the unique here is the addition of fried egg, yep the egg is made to omellete, and this is unique ,at last they put crackers on the top, but the crackers is the pink one, like usually used in Soto Padang, unique but taste so great here, salty and hot, the tofu is great too.

>>Mutton Satay
Price : IDR 12.000

my last meal that has taken away is Mutton satay alias sate kambing haha, on the banner writed this is a sate jawa , and they never stop grilled the satay, they provieded chicken satay and also mutton, but i chose mutton because the meat here cut into small pieces and i think the meat will be so tender, that's why i chose the mutton before they grilled, the satay marinated with sweet soya sauce and also peanut , and as long the grilling session, this satay put into the sweet soya sauce many times, and it's make the satay full of spice, and it's so great , maybe the satay looked dry , but the meat is so moist and tender, the good one, for the serving they just put a cut of onion, tomatoes, chili and sweet soya sauce, and finally add some pepper on the top, full of taste, great job!!

If you looking for the real indonesian food in Batam, just go here, and you'll get a big of satisfaction :)

happy trying :D

The Hungry Doctor

Penuin Food Street
Jl.Raya Penuin blok A , Penuin

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