Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mr.Pancake - Sweet Night

Pancake is one of sweet meal that we usually eat for breakfast, in case of classic pancake which just cooked in frypan and then eat with butter or mapple-syrup, I like pancake, I usually make it by myself and I think it taste good hehe, now i want to share my dining experience at Mr.Pancake.

Mr.Pancake is one of the famous cafe where you can eat many variation of pancake, beside pancake there's also many delicious food, this cafe has many branches. I had dinner at Mr.Pancake in Setiabudi One Building, here you can explore many restaurants and cafes, and why i choose Mr.Pancake??

It can be said as fallin love on the first sight, i just love their decoration from outside, there's like a street cafe in europe *even i've never been there* i just often see it on movie, small cafe where you can relaxing and forget all of your problems, the interior just sweet as their dishes, some kind of old house with fireplace, feel so warm here even it's full of AC hehe.

I chose a sofa in the corner of the room , so i can see the whole cafe clearly, the place was so nice with friendly and communicative waitress, the service is quite fast , while waiting we can use thier free wi-fi connecivity, most of people here did it with their cutting-edge gadget hehe.

I ordered many kind of sweet dish , and which come first was my Fruit Punch:

great beverages , so fresh, it was made from lime sparkling soda with mango and orange syrup, taste sweet and a lil' sour and there's a small cut of fresh strawberry and mango which make it more beautiful, nice in presentation and shocking taste, FRESH!

Let's move to the singnature's dish here, Pancake Platter:

like it's name, there's an adorable-platting of 6 different kind of pancake , the pancake is small , these mini pancake is set up around a scoop of chocolate ice cream, the taste? sweet ! let me describe on by one, there's an apple pancake, so on the top of pancake there's an apple sauce, and then there's coffee almond, vanilla, chocolate , blueberry and durian, the last one , is the best for me, durian pancake, it's not real durian, but already cooked to sauce but the aroma is still strong and the taste just like real durian, but for durian haters this gonna be a nightmare, fun pancake-ing here.

my last meal was Banana Split Ice Cream:

this is the most common ice cream creation, 3 scoops of ice cream (chocolate, vanila, and strawberry) served with banana and garnished with a little cut of kiwi, strawberry and mango, then a chocolate stick, and last they pour a chocolate syrup randomly, make it so natural, smart technique, the taste is sweet as it looks.

Last, two thumbs up for Mr.Pancake , I love the environment, service, presentation and of course the taste, most important with reasonable price, really recommended!

Setiabudi One Building, Ground Floor, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 62
Kuningan, 12920   
(021) 5203223

~ click here to get to their website ~ 


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