Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kaya Toast Kopitiam - Last Meal in Batam

Hi Hungry Mania,

Finally this is my last day in Batam before heading to Singapore by Ferry, of course in the early morning we go to the Harbour to buy the ferry tickets, fisrt we went to kepri mall when there's a lot of ferry ticket corporation, but we can't find Sindo Ferry , and they said the locket of Sindo Ferry has been moved to Batam Center, before we got there we had our breakfast first and we chose Killiney Kopitiam there, but the taste not really good, so we're looking for another meal hehe, and Batam Center International Ferry Terminal is not to far from Kepri Mall, only 5 minutes trip we already get there, we arrived at the ferry terminal about 10 o'clock, and we directly went to the locket where the tickets sold , and finally I got the tickets !! but the schedule is on 12.40 , so I had free time about 2 hours , and I decided to spend it in Kopitiam.

this is my last meal before I leaved this lovely city, Batam, as I know the trip only took about one hour, in this area there are many restaurants, cafes, dan also kopitiam, and finally I chose Kaya Toast Kopitiam, why I chose it? because this is one the busiest Kopitiam in the harbour hehe, after waiting about 10 minutes finally I get seated, in this spot there's a lot of unique side, first , some waiter and chef wear a unique t-shirt about Kopitiam, like I love kopitiam, or I love teh tarek and many more, oh iyaa I chose this place because this is no smoking area, the bad news, even the kopitiam has AC but still hot here , I don't know why too, but overall this spot is great.

many chair dan tables here to be seated, and on the wall there are many posters and some information about this Kopitiam, and when waiting for our meal we can see the process of our dishes, because this is Open Kitchen Kopitiam, every single moment can we seen here, and they always keep their higenity , good one, the service is quite good too, even it's busy here, the still served quickly, just about 10 minutes all of our meal has been ready, and let's eat them !!

>>Kaya Toast
Price : IDR 15.000

this is my first dish, and this is specilaty of this Kopitiam, as thier name Kaya Toast, if we usually find the kaya jam in inside the bread this is different, the jam is one the top, so the toast is ovened till it's become crispy and crunchy, and because the bread is thick, so the texture is good, still smooth, inside the toast there's butter and then on the top served by Kaya Jam, the jam is really good, perfect sweetness, and some part feel like caramelized , so perfect taste, one of the best kaya toast that I've ever had, yummy.

>>Fried Kwetiau
Price : IDR 30.000

This is the maincourse hehe, best seller here too, fried kwetiau , maybe this fried kwetiau look ordinaru but the taste... super great delicious , fantastic taste, even the portion not to big I got a lot of satisfaction about the taste, the fried kwetiau looked pale, because they not using sweet soya sauce too much, but still tastefull, they got the salty and spicy from the kwetiau, this fried kwetiau contain chicken, prawn, squid and also fish balls, for the vegetables they used green cabage and beansprouts, and the crunchy texture makes it perfect , great combination, and at last they put cilnatro and fired onion on the top, nyam nyam nyam :9

>>Ice Coffee 'O'
Price : IDR 15.000

for the drink it'a also special, a long time waiting made me sleepy , and I need cafein so damn much now haha, and luckily they served a great coffee, and because of this hot atmosphere I chose coffee with ice, and this is it ny drink, Ice Coffee 'O' , the 'O' on the last name mean empty , so this coffee just contain coffee with a little sugar, or sometimes without sugar, if you want to use milk or creamer you can order Coffee 'C' ,  but I prefer 'O' so I can feel the taste of coffee here, and this perfect too, and as I know this coffee is the mixture of Robusta and Arabica coffee, because this is bittersweet, yep they got the bitter of coure , a lil sweet and some sensation of sour , this sour is from arabica coffee, taste great , and if you like more sweet you can add liquid sugar hehe, but the coffee itself already great.

And finally I have to board into the ferry , and my last meal is so perfect , thanks Batam and thanks to Kaya Toast Kopitiam, oh yaa in this Kopitiam there're two pricelists , one is on Indonesian Rupiah and the another is on Singaporean Dollar, but if you pay with singaporean dollar is more expensive, ,for example the fried kwetiau is 5 SGD so if you convert it to IDR it come about IDR 35.000 , if in rupiah you just need to pay IDR 30.000 for the kwetiau hehe, Once More thanks Batam and Let's Continue my Food Journey on Singapore !! wohoo


The Hungry Doctor


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