Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food Republic - Hello Singapore

after about 1 hour trip from Batam, I finally arrived at Singapore, and of course we stopped at the harbour, the harbour is on the sentosa island, not sentosa island actually but we can see that island clearly, next we went to singapore border to check our passprt and anything else, before we got into Singapore, and after that we went outside the border and we arrived at Vivo City, one of the biggest mall in Singapore, and this is so busy center area, because everyone who want to go to Sentosa Island have to took MRT from this station, and also if you want to take cable car , this is the connection between Singapore and Sentosa Island, and after a trip I got hungry , and looking for food !! yeey food.

In this mall there's kinda food market which is very well-known , named Food Republic.

This spot is really reachable , you can take MRT from anywhere and the destination is Harbour Front Station, and just follow the sign you'll get to Vivo City, and go upstairs, you'll find the greatest food market in Singapore, Food Republic

Actually they have many branches , beside Food Republic they came out with different name too , but same concept, Food Opera,  if you want to see their another branches, just check in their wesites, I've given the link for you hehe.

Well, This is a republic of food , where you can find many food here, most of it are singaporean dishes, so if you want to try singaporean dish just come here, maybe the price is higher than you buy at hawker center, that's kinda food market too but usually located outside mall, yaa but still in good area, like bugis , chinatown, orchard and many more, but this Food Republic has better concept and environment.

Here, everything is self service, just some old man and old woman who became a cleaning services here, the system here is food court, so you order ,you pay and wait for your menu, and they quickly served, so don't need to wait too long.

well, for the appetaizer I order one menu called Kue Tutu
Price : SGD 8.00 

they have a similiarity with kue putu haha, same indigrients just different shape, it is made from tepung beras and coconut with brown sugar, the taste sweet and the cake is chewy, 1 portion contains 8 pieces of kue tutu, oh ya beside coconut you can fill it with peanut too, they also great, yum, sweet

and this is my favourite food in Food Republic, everytime I went to Singapore and come here I always eat Chicken Curry Rice
Price : SGD 5.20

this is the specialty of malay dish, chicken curry rice, so there's rice with chicken curry, and I add extra menu pork chop, fried egg, and some cabbage, and also I add extra curry sauce, I love the taste of curry here, full of taste, great and the chicken is so tender too, yummy.

still at the same stall, my mother chose some menu here too, they have a lot of choice here, from meat and vegetables, and this is what my mom chose hehe

Rice with Stewed Pork and Salted Egg Tofu
Price : SGD 6.00 

This is a rice with stewed pork and fried tofu, but the tofu is unique, after it fried , they put salted egg on the top of tofu like on the picture, and then pour it with sweet sauce, the sauce taste like oyster sauce, and the stewed pork just awsome, so tender and sweet also spicy, great taste.

well, that's my great late lunch in Singapore, and after this I had to go to the hotel to check in and get some rest before I continue my culinary jouney in Singapore.


The Hungry Doctor

Food Republic @ Vivo City
Vivo City Level 3
1 Harbour Front Walk

Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6276 0521
Fax: +65 6276 0519

Operating Hours:
8am to 10pm (Mon-Thu)
8am to 11pm (Fri-Sun, Eve of Public Holiday)

 ~click here to get to their websites~


  1. Wahh makan kue tutu juga ya, saya juga makan loh pas di food republic vivo city hehe
    Btw, boleh tukeran link ngga? nanti saya taro di link saya, thanks

  2. hehe iyaa , wiihh boleh banget , udah ku masukin ke blogroll ku yaa...

    salam kenal :)