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By The Beach - Seaside Escape

The best way to relax is get out of Jakarta , this busy city comes up with every problems that just getting worse day by day, what will you do on weekend? go somewhere with family or friends and spent a night with them is the greatest way, you can find many place around the city, BEACH .

Looking a restaurant with beach atmosphere ??

By The Beach is the spot !! located in one of the biggest social life area, eX Plaza Indoensia.
They go with a seaside concept restaurant where the interior exudes calm and relaxing ambience due to the woody furniture here, from outside we can see this is a unique restaurant with a lot of rocks on their wall, the whole rooms is surrounded by sands , rocks and also shells or you can even find an imitate-starfish under your table if you're lucky :p

They just make this dining area like on the seashore with those stuffs (rocks, sands, etc) and of course the real size of artificial palm tree which make in more "beachy" , they want us feel that we really at the beach and have a great dinner here, and also there's reggae music that identic with beach, perfect sea-concept.

The obscure lighting just make it so romantic , there's a candle in every table to make it more sweet, it's gonna be a greatest candle light dinner for you and her/him, this restaurant is also suitable for family dinner with big member, beacuse they have a lot of big table , their service is super awesome, never out of smile and always try to give us a food recommendation here, and it's quick enough for the preparation.

This area also have private restroom and washbasin that also decorated by rocks and shells , so you don't need to get out of this place till' your seafood time is over , they cater seafood lover whether it's cooked in western or indonesian way, if you don't like seafood or alergic with it you also can order chicken or beef here which is good too, but seafood is more special here.

Well, I ordered some of their signature's dish as recommended by the friendly waiter.

>> Fried Beancurd with Prawn ( Tahu Kipas )
      Price : IDR 39.000

actually this is not their best meal for tofu dish , Volcano Beancurd Egg ( Tahu Telor Merapi ) is the best seller, but I've tried it before and I just want the simple one as the appetaizer, and here's my course, friend beancurd with prawn or we more knew it as tahu kipas. 4 pieces of  fried beancurd filled with vegetables , mushroom, and prawn-chop taste perfect , on of the best Tahu Kipas I've ever had, they're so crunchy outside but still can feel the smooth of beancurd and the rubbery of prawn-chop, serve with chili sauce for the dips , the sauce is good too, the complete mixture of hot, sweet and sour, like thai sauce but more hot, great !

>>  Grilled Honey Sauce Squid with Roe ( Cumi Telor Bakar )
       Price : IDR 75.000

here's one of their signature dish, grilled honey sauce squid with roe , this course contains 4 pieces of squid with roe of course, taste great for me, I love the sauce , they use honey when it grilled, so it brings caramelized effects that taste perfect , the squid is fresh so there's no fishy smell at all, and i just now the taste of roe here, they good, more like tofu i think, and they grilled it great not over or undercooked, after they grilled it they also pour a lil' of the sauce, two thumbs up !

>> Tornado Prawn ( Udang Tornado )
      Price : IDR 99.000

when it's served on my table I surprise cause' of the great presentation, they really bring the "tornado" here, so why it called tornado prawn ? because the prawn is on tornado , the tornado is made from pasta , specifically fettucini, and covered the prawn, after that they fried it , and every tornado prawn is stiked on the pineapple, they use it for platting , and serves with mayonaise sauce, the sauce is sweet and sour , the prawn is so tasty and salty, good in taste , perfect in presentation,must try !

>> Seafood Platter "By The Beach" for Four 
     Price : IDR 299.000

they listed it as their best meal , and I have to agree with this, they signature platter contain a crab , prawn, squid , cockle shells, fish and also bean sprouts for the veggie, every part of this platter is cooked one by one , they just boiled the crab with salt and lemon just to lose it's fishy, and then the cockle shells is saute with bean sprouts , next prawn , squid and fish are deep-fried, after that they mixed together with unique sauce that taste sweet and spicy, they all fresh and taste great, one of the best meal here, delicious !

>> Mango 4.2
     Price : IDR 39.000

great food must go with great beverages too, and I chose mango 4.2 (re: mango for two) ,so it's a tropical punch made from mango and the portion is suit for 2 persons , the presentation is quite nice , in a unique glass, there's a fresh mango juice with a small cut of  apple ,strawberry , kiwi and mango itself, the mango juice taste so fresh , they use lemongrass as the garnish , looks like a straw here and make it more tropical , so fresh !

Interested? never think twice !  satisfaction is waiting for you here :D

Stay Hungry ,Stay Healthy

The Hungry Doctor

By The Beach
eX Plaza Indonesia, 2nd Fl Unit 30 - 30 A
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 3199-0210
Facebook : BytheBeach Resto
Twitter : @bythebeachresto

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