Monday, August 13, 2012

Bakso Asia Jaya - Harmony in Simplicity

noodles is one of the most well known dishes that can we find so easily , beacuse noodles is distributed from food carts , cadger "kaki lima" , small house , or even a big shop, and they have any different style to serves their noodles, and I love this food so much , Noodles. Actually noodles is more identic with asian cuisine especially chinese.

Well, to find noodle houses in Kelapa Gading is so easy, and many of them has already got a good name, and listed as great noodle houses and so well known with their own brand , now I wanna share my experience dining at one of homey noodle shops in Kelapa Gading , named Bakso Asia Jaya. This venue is located in Kelapa Kopyor Street, not far away from WGP ( Wisma Gading Permai ) , if you go along the Boulevard Street you'll find an apartment called WGP , and on your left you'll see a small road , take this road, and just about 800 meters, you'll find a small house with big yellow banner, that is Bakso Asia Jaya.

To start with I wanna to tell you that I know this place from my friend ,his name is cole_lense a.k.a FoodVenturer ,he's kinda Bakso Asia Jaya freaks , if we talk about noodle, he always says that bakso asia jaya is the best with good services from the owner, and finally I decided to go here, the parking space here is not so good, just on the roadside, and my first impression of this place is simple , just a small open kitchen here and beside it, is the dining area which quite clean, not so much tables here but I think that's enough , just simple so simple.

Even the name is Bakso Asia Jaya , the best seller here are their bakmi and fried rice *based on my friend recommendation* , from the menu we could know that they sell food in semarang style, I've tried Semarang Noodles before, when I was travelling there, and I like it, and I hope I like Bakso Asia Jaya too, and I agreed with my friend about the service, awesome, the owner is so friendly , they operate everthing in this place, just an old-couple who really kind to me, and just about 5-10 minutes my order is ready to serve, so fast !

Here's my order

>> Bakmi Bakso Komplit
      Price : IDR 20.000

just an ordinary noodles for me , nothing special from the presentation, so simple , big portion of noodles with choped chicken and boiled green cabage ( sawi hijau), served with meatballs in separated bowl, let's talk about the noodles first, the texture of this noodles is quite good and the elasticity is perfect, they taste great , salty from the noodles but lil' sweet from the chopped chicken, because the chicken is cooked with soya sauce ,but still great , they mixed perfectly , and it's so much better if you add a lot of chili , their chili sauce is hot and lil' sour that makes it good.

For the meatballs I don't really like it actually , in this portion contains 4 kind of bakso, there's meatball (bakso biasa) , bakso urat , fish ball and fried fishball. Personally I don't like their fishball, because they're too soggy and lil' fishy, but the meatballs ( halus dan urat ) are great , the soup is good too, they use chicken broth ( kaldu ayam kampung ) , salty and savory.

>> Bakso Sapi Kuah 
     Price : IDR 15.000

because I like their meatballs, i ordered extra one portion of meatballs soup (bakso kuah) , consists of  8-pieces of meatballs with chicken broth soup and green cabbage with fried onion, as i've told you before , the meatballs is in perfect elasticity and great taste too, salty and it's real meat with no extra sagu for thickening, taste great and dipped with chili sauce before you eat it , great one!

Well, I like this place and maybe I'll come back next time, but there's still more better noodles here, but if you want to find a simple noodles you can came here ,and for the suggestion ,just order Bakmi Ayam , simple but taste great with reasonable prices too.

au revoir,
The Hungry Doctor

Bakso Asia Jaya
Jl. Kopyor Raya CE 2 No.11
(021) 995 88822

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