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A2 Food Court - Chinese Food Market

Hi Openrice,

After had lunch with great singpore view, there's one unforgattable momment, when our car has battery problem, so the machine won't start, we need to push the car , and made the electricity connect to the machine, so the engine will start,and we did it after lunch, the energy just in has to came out again haha, and we are still blessed the geographical condition here really helping us, like in hill , so just let the car go down and the engine start finally fiuuhhhh, then got into car and feel hungry again .__.

after that we're going back to Nagoya and there I ate some food like BFC and Kangen Cafe , also Solaria, an after that we moved to another shopping center , now in the Penuin Area, in this area there's many food to explore, you can find a food in the mall , the biggest mall is BCS or Batam City Square , or beside in there's A2 Food Court where you can find many chinese cuisine , or if you looking for Indonesian food you can go across the road, and you'll find Penuin Food Market.

Well, let's talk about A2 Food Court first...

This is a food court which more well known as Hawker Market , yap this word usually used by Sinagporean, they love to eat here beacuse of the crowded condition, feel like you're in China Town, many people here, either they eat or just drink with little chit chat and enjoy chinese song here, and they sell many non-halal food, but there's also halal and vegetarian too, so for you who are vegan you can still enjoy the meal here, don't worry hehe.

This area is filled with so much counter, a part of them have own shop or just use small wagoon, and my eyes can't stop looking at roasted duck and also the bbq pork ,fiuuhhh , but there's one counter which had a long queue, that's Nasi Campur

>>1 Meat + 1 Vege
Price : IDR 14.000

This counter sells many kind of food, you can see a lot of cuisine here, maybe if you ever been to singapore, it just like chicken curry rice in singapore, they sell many food and we can choose it freely , the price is already fixed, and now I chose to eat 1 meat + 1 vege , already included with rice, and 1 chose fried chicken wing and cai miau saute with garlic, and served with no sauce , i just want to enjoy it in dry way, if you like you can ask for the curry hehe, and the taste of the chicken wings really make me love it , they're so crispy outside and moist inside, great , even they used broiler chicken, there's nothing bad smell, all great , the crisps is great, so crunchy, and salty too, yummy , and the vegetables is great too, simple but great , chicken wing and cai miau was a perfect combination!

>>Roasted Pork or Siobak
Price : IDR 30.000

if my first menu is malay nasi campur, this is the another nasi campur, but hongkong style with roasted pork or siobak , this portion came out with set of rice , siobak , casiu, egg , soup and also the sauce and chili, and it taste GREAT !! one of the best nasi campur i've ever had, you can see from the picture that the roasted duck is so crunchy and crispy when we bite it , kresssss...
you can feel the salty of the siobak , and the char siew is good too, so sweet , but the sweet came from honey , so they had a great smell, and different taste of sweet when we eat it, super great taste, and egg just a complimentary , it cooked with sweet soya sauce, and after it they pour a sweet sauce on the top, taste great ! must try!

>>Hainam Rice with Roasted Duck 
Price : IDR 25.000

and then I try another menu , called hainam rice with roasted duck, so it's a set menu which contain hainam rice , roasted duck, soup and also chili and sauce, the roasted duck here is cooked with sweet soya sauce, and after that they grilled, and it grilled perfectly because the skin is so crispy but inside in really tender , nyummm, and the seasoning also perfect, a great mixture of sweet and salty , great taste , ot served with their special sauce, the sweetness is dominating here, but the chili and extra dipped sauce taste salty , if we eat it together , they'll be perfect taste! and the soup is using duck stock, with extra cabbage inside it , the soup is underseasoning , but maybe it's for balancing the taste of the duck and the hainam rice which already tastefull , really recommended :9

>>Rainbow Ice
Price : IDR 11.000

After enjoy a lot of maincorse , this is our dessert, called rainbow ice  , just an ice with jelly in many colour, papaya, pineapple, honeydew and nata de coco also, they not using syrup for the sweetener but use coconut water and liquid sugar , this ice is so fresh, great dessert hehe, for the presentation the colour is attracting me hehe, they use fresh fruit not the can, so everything here is fresh, great taste also, I really enjoy this food market !!


The Hungry Doctor

a2 Food Market
Jl.Bunga Raya, Baloi
Penuin, Batam

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