Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yuraku - Openrice Cihuy Gathering !!

semua pasti tau resto AYCE yang satu ini kan? yap Yuraku. Kali ini geng Openrice Cihuy mengadakan acara makan bareng di tempat yang satu ini nih di Kelapa Gading. Jadi Openrice adalah komunitas makanan gitu dan di website ini kalian bisa melihat aneka tempat makan dan juga bisa mereviewnya hehe, dan ini adalah beberapa anggotanya yang bikin grup namanya Openrice Cihuy, oh iyaa yang gatau Openrice Cihuy adalah wadah di mana para openricers bisa..... eh gajadi deng haha boong kok, itu cuma grup Whats App yang isinya sekelompok orang yang hobinya melipir , awalnya buat nanya-nanya rekomendasi makanan , biar bisa share , tapi ternyata semua itu sia-sia, karena pada akhirnya tak akan memberi jawaban...

Food Republic - Hello Singapore

after about 1 hour trip from Batam, I finally arrived at Singapore, and of course we stopped at the harbour, the harbour is on the sentosa island, not sentosa island actually but we can see that island clearly, next we went to singapore border to check our passprt and anything else, before we got into Singapore, and after that we went outside the border and we arrived at Vivo City, one of the biggest mall in Singapore, and this is so busy center area, because everyone who want to go to Sentosa Island have to took MRT from this station, and also if you want to take cable car , this is the connection between Singapore and Sentosa Island, and after a trip I got hungry , and looking for food !! yeey food.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kaya Toast Kopitiam - Last Meal in Batam

Hi Hungry Mania,

Finally this is my last day in Batam before heading to Singapore by Ferry, of course in the early morning we go to the Harbour to buy the ferry tickets, fisrt we went to kepri mall when there's a lot of ferry ticket corporation, but we can't find Sindo Ferry , and they said the locket of Sindo Ferry has been moved to Batam Center, before we got there we had our breakfast first and we chose Killiney Kopitiam there, but the taste not really good, so we're looking for another meal hehe, and Batam Center International Ferry Terminal is not to far from Kepri Mall, only 5 minutes trip we already get there, we arrived at the ferry terminal about 10 o'clock, and we directly went to the locket where the tickets sold , and finally I got the tickets !! but the schedule is on 12.40 , so I had free time about 2 hours , and I decided to spend it in Kopitiam.

this is my last meal before I leaved this lovely city, Batam, as I know the trip only took about one hour, in this area there are many restaurants, cafes, dan also kopitiam, and finally I chose Kaya Toast Kopitiam, why I chose it? because this is one the busiest Kopitiam in the harbour hehe, after waiting about 10 minutes finally I get seated, in this spot there's a lot of unique side, first , some waiter and chef wear a unique t-shirt about Kopitiam, like I love kopitiam, or I love teh tarek and many more, oh iyaa I chose this place because this is no smoking area, the bad news, even the kopitiam has AC but still hot here , I don't know why too, but overall this spot is great.

many chair dan tables here to be seated, and on the wall there are many posters and some information about this Kopitiam, and when waiting for our meal we can see the process of our dishes, because this is Open Kitchen Kopitiam, every single moment can we seen here, and they always keep their higenity , good one, the service is quite good too, even it's busy here, the still served quickly, just about 10 minutes all of our meal has been ready, and let's eat them !!

>>Kaya Toast
Price : IDR 15.000

this is my first dish, and this is specilaty of this Kopitiam, as thier name Kaya Toast, if we usually find the kaya jam in inside the bread this is different, the jam is one the top, so the toast is ovened till it's become crispy and crunchy, and because the bread is thick, so the texture is good, still smooth, inside the toast there's butter and then on the top served by Kaya Jam, the jam is really good, perfect sweetness, and some part feel like caramelized , so perfect taste, one of the best kaya toast that I've ever had, yummy.

>>Fried Kwetiau
Price : IDR 30.000

This is the maincourse hehe, best seller here too, fried kwetiau , maybe this fried kwetiau look ordinaru but the taste... super great delicious , fantastic taste, even the portion not to big I got a lot of satisfaction about the taste, the fried kwetiau looked pale, because they not using sweet soya sauce too much, but still tastefull, they got the salty and spicy from the kwetiau, this fried kwetiau contain chicken, prawn, squid and also fish balls, for the vegetables they used green cabage and beansprouts, and the crunchy texture makes it perfect , great combination, and at last they put cilnatro and fired onion on the top, nyam nyam nyam :9

>>Ice Coffee 'O'
Price : IDR 15.000

for the drink it'a also special, a long time waiting made me sleepy , and I need cafein so damn much now haha, and luckily they served a great coffee, and because of this hot atmosphere I chose coffee with ice, and this is it ny drink, Ice Coffee 'O' , the 'O' on the last name mean empty , so this coffee just contain coffee with a little sugar, or sometimes without sugar, if you want to use milk or creamer you can order Coffee 'C' ,  but I prefer 'O' so I can feel the taste of coffee here, and this perfect too, and as I know this coffee is the mixture of Robusta and Arabica coffee, because this is bittersweet, yep they got the bitter of coure , a lil sweet and some sensation of sour , this sour is from arabica coffee, taste great , and if you like more sweet you can add liquid sugar hehe, but the coffee itself already great.

And finally I have to board into the ferry , and my last meal is so perfect , thanks Batam and thanks to Kaya Toast Kopitiam, oh yaa in this Kopitiam there're two pricelists , one is on Indonesian Rupiah and the another is on Singaporean Dollar, but if you pay with singaporean dollar is more expensive, ,for example the fried kwetiau is 5 SGD so if you convert it to IDR it come about IDR 35.000 , if in rupiah you just need to pay IDR 30.000 for the kwetiau hehe, Once More thanks Batam and Let's Continue my Food Journey on Singapore !! wohoo


The Hungry Doctor


Monday, August 20, 2012

Penuin Street Food - the Real Indonesian area

Hi Hungry Mania!!!

Like I've told you before in my last post , that in Penuin area , there's a lot of food to be explored, and before it I've told you about A2 Food Court , now let's move to the other, actually there's one place anymore, the food court at Batam City Square, but the food there are more like fast food restaurant, I don't want it because it's not too healthy, that's why I choose a food market , it's a street food ,called Penuin Food Market. As like their name, this is a compilation of food's wagoon which located in Penuin.

Maybe if you went to Batam you'll find a lot of similiarity of their food , with their neighboor Singapore, yap singapore has many influence to this Batam Island, espicially for the cuisine, you can find a lot of wonton mee, laksa , nasi campur , roasted duck, or chicken curry rice, but in this Penuin Food Market, the only thing you can find is Indonesian food, from ketoprak , nasi goreng , sate, pisang bakar, roti bakar, soto ayam, es kelapa , and many real indonesian food, and it's all great.

Penuin Food Street start to open at 6 o'clock till down, they won't close before sold out, and they didn't need to wait until midnite for it, because this area is so crowded, and the favourite food here is the es kelapa , ketoprak , fried rice and satay, this area is just located road-side but be one of the favourie in Batam, and I went here after I finished my dinner at A2 Food Court , and hunting for watch at BCS, so I'm a little full, so I just try their Fried Rice, and then for the ketoprak and satay have taken away alias di bungkus haha

>>Fried Rice 
Price : IDR 10.000

This is so well known food on the world, even the United States of America's President, Barack Obama , love this food too, and nasi goreng is famous as an Indonesian food. from the far we can smell this super aroma, really hypnotize me and just make crazy and hungry, and I can't hold this passion to eat that, and after 5 minutes my menu came , and the aroma is perfect for me, the portion is big too, maybe the colour is not to attractive but the taste..... Perfect !! onion and garlic is the main spice here, the usage of sweet soya sauce is not too much, so the colour is light not to dark, but the taste still sweet and also salty, this fried rice only contain egg and chicken , no vegetables here, even the presentation is bad , the taste is great and the portion is big too, and make me full.

>>Ketoprak Batam
Price : IDR 8.000

ketoprak is one my favourite food, ketoprak is a dish from cirebon as i know, and ketoprak that maybe we usually but in waggon is from cirebon too, but this is ketoprak batam, so it's different , but basically still the same, a cut of ketupat served with beansprouts, vermicelli , fried tofu and peanut sauce , the sauce is made from gula jawa, peanut, garlic ,and a lot of chili if you like hot and spicy, and the unique here is the addition of fried egg, yep the egg is made to omellete, and this is unique ,at last they put crackers on the top, but the crackers is the pink one, like usually used in Soto Padang, unique but taste so great here, salty and hot, the tofu is great too.

>>Mutton Satay
Price : IDR 12.000

my last meal that has taken away is Mutton satay alias sate kambing haha, on the banner writed this is a sate jawa , and they never stop grilled the satay, they provieded chicken satay and also mutton, but i chose mutton because the meat here cut into small pieces and i think the meat will be so tender, that's why i chose the mutton before they grilled, the satay marinated with sweet soya sauce and also peanut , and as long the grilling session, this satay put into the sweet soya sauce many times, and it's make the satay full of spice, and it's so great , maybe the satay looked dry , but the meat is so moist and tender, the good one, for the serving they just put a cut of onion, tomatoes, chili and sweet soya sauce, and finally add some pepper on the top, full of taste, great job!!

If you looking for the real indonesian food in Batam, just go here, and you'll get a big of satisfaction :)

happy trying :D

The Hungry Doctor

Penuin Food Street
Jl.Raya Penuin blok A , Penuin

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A2 Food Court - Chinese Food Market

Hi Openrice,

After had lunch with great singpore view, there's one unforgattable momment, when our car has battery problem, so the machine won't start, we need to push the car , and made the electricity connect to the machine, so the engine will start,and we did it after lunch, the energy just in has to came out again haha, and we are still blessed the geographical condition here really helping us, like in hill , so just let the car go down and the engine start finally fiuuhhhh, then got into car and feel hungry again .__.

after that we're going back to Nagoya and there I ate some food like BFC and Kangen Cafe , also Solaria, an after that we moved to another shopping center , now in the Penuin Area, in this area there's many food to explore, you can find a food in the mall , the biggest mall is BCS or Batam City Square , or beside in there's A2 Food Court where you can find many chinese cuisine , or if you looking for Indonesian food you can go across the road, and you'll find Penuin Food Market.

Well, let's talk about A2 Food Court first...

This is a food court which more well known as Hawker Market , yap this word usually used by Sinagporean, they love to eat here beacuse of the crowded condition, feel like you're in China Town, many people here, either they eat or just drink with little chit chat and enjoy chinese song here, and they sell many non-halal food, but there's also halal and vegetarian too, so for you who are vegan you can still enjoy the meal here, don't worry hehe.

This area is filled with so much counter, a part of them have own shop or just use small wagoon, and my eyes can't stop looking at roasted duck and also the bbq pork ,fiuuhhh , but there's one counter which had a long queue, that's Nasi Campur

>>1 Meat + 1 Vege
Price : IDR 14.000

This counter sells many kind of food, you can see a lot of cuisine here, maybe if you ever been to singapore, it just like chicken curry rice in singapore, they sell many food and we can choose it freely , the price is already fixed, and now I chose to eat 1 meat + 1 vege , already included with rice, and 1 chose fried chicken wing and cai miau saute with garlic, and served with no sauce , i just want to enjoy it in dry way, if you like you can ask for the curry hehe, and the taste of the chicken wings really make me love it , they're so crispy outside and moist inside, great , even they used broiler chicken, there's nothing bad smell, all great , the crisps is great, so crunchy, and salty too, yummy , and the vegetables is great too, simple but great , chicken wing and cai miau was a perfect combination!

>>Roasted Pork or Siobak
Price : IDR 30.000

if my first menu is malay nasi campur, this is the another nasi campur, but hongkong style with roasted pork or siobak , this portion came out with set of rice , siobak , casiu, egg , soup and also the sauce and chili, and it taste GREAT !! one of the best nasi campur i've ever had, you can see from the picture that the roasted duck is so crunchy and crispy when we bite it , kresssss...
you can feel the salty of the siobak , and the char siew is good too, so sweet , but the sweet came from honey , so they had a great smell, and different taste of sweet when we eat it, super great taste, and egg just a complimentary , it cooked with sweet soya sauce, and after it they pour a sweet sauce on the top, taste great ! must try!

>>Hainam Rice with Roasted Duck 
Price : IDR 25.000

and then I try another menu , called hainam rice with roasted duck, so it's a set menu which contain hainam rice , roasted duck, soup and also chili and sauce, the roasted duck here is cooked with sweet soya sauce, and after that they grilled, and it grilled perfectly because the skin is so crispy but inside in really tender , nyummm, and the seasoning also perfect, a great mixture of sweet and salty , great taste , ot served with their special sauce, the sweetness is dominating here, but the chili and extra dipped sauce taste salty , if we eat it together , they'll be perfect taste! and the soup is using duck stock, with extra cabbage inside it , the soup is underseasoning , but maybe it's for balancing the taste of the duck and the hainam rice which already tastefull , really recommended :9

>>Rainbow Ice
Price : IDR 11.000

After enjoy a lot of maincorse , this is our dessert, called rainbow ice  , just an ice with jelly in many colour, papaya, pineapple, honeydew and nata de coco also, they not using syrup for the sweetener but use coconut water and liquid sugar , this ice is so fresh, great dessert hehe, for the presentation the colour is attracting me hehe, they use fresh fruit not the can, so everything here is fresh, great taste also, I really enjoy this food market !!


The Hungry Doctor

a2 Food Market
Jl.Bunga Raya, Baloi
Penuin, Batam

KTM Resort & Restaurant - Unforgettable Lunch

Hi !

This is the second day of Batam Culinary Journey , today my driver in Batam , Mr.Yono told me some great venue in Batam and he said there's one resort and restaurant where you can see singapore from this area hoho, in the morning I directly went there by car , in 45 minutes trip finaly I got there, and from the far away we can see a big statue of Kwan Im , she's a chinese goddess , just like bunda maria for katholik hehe, it was a great scene here.

The statue is recoreded in MURI as the tallest Kwan Im Statue on  South East Asia,one of greatest thing here, wait that just and into, the surprise still continue, and now after we parked our car , we got into the restaurant, and guess what?

The view of the Restaurant is Singapore !!! seriously you can see some part of singapore, and you can see Marina Bay clearly from here, but in the pict not so clear, you had to see it by yourself, this is great , i'm speechless now, and the restaurant also surrounded by water , feel so relaxing, the breeze really made my day , it's a lil sunny here, hot and warm, but still friendly atmosphere.

The dining area is so wide and of course located on the seaside, a lot of sand under our dining area, you can hear a wave here, and also great view of the ocean, in this restaurants you can do fishing activity too and it's free hehe, yaa just buy a drink it's okay too hehe, and here I take a look for a while and enjoy the scenary here, great. For the service, a little slow but because of the great scenary , I didn't feel waiting here hehe, and finally my menu has came out !! yuhuuu~

>>Ifu Mie
Price : IDR 35.000

They has many variety of food , there's asian cuisine, indonesian cuisine and also western cuisine ,one of my order is ifu mie, this is chinese cuisine, contains a noodle which is deep fried until cripsy , so the noodles not boiled but fried ,and then it poured with a lumpy sauce, salty and taste good, and seafood on top,. there's  a cut of fresh prawn , squid , fishball and also lot of vegetables, like carrot , cabbage and also mushroom, they're combine great , the texture is all perfect , fresh, nothing fishy here, great !!

>>Seafood Fried Rice
Price : IDR 35.000

next menu is seafood fried rice, great too, good in presentation, formed with bowl , so looked nice , and top of it there's fried egg and with vegetables garnish and also prawn crackers , yum yum yum . Taste great !! the fried rice here is like hongkong fried rice, without sweet soya sauce, just salty one, so it comes with soft colour, the fried rice contain a fresh prawn, corn, carrot and also snaps, great , oh don't forget the scramble eggs in the rice hehe, taste good, salty and yummy , you have to try it when you get here!! welldone :9

>>Tropical Punch
Price : IDR 25.000

here's my drink , so fresh !! this is a punch which made from mango , pineapple, and also orange , yaa maybe the colour is just same, so the combination of the colour just orange and yellow , good too, and the taste is the perfect combination of sweet and sour , they got the sweet from mango and sour from the orange and pineapple, and garnished with cherry , the punch is more like blended drink, the ice has blended with the fruit and make it so smooth , feel so relax to drink it !

I really enjoy this place, from the location, sight-seeing, atmosphere and everything here , the food is great too, and all comes with reasonable price too, great lunch here !


The Hungry Doctor

KTM Resort & Restaurant
Jl. Kolonel Soegiono
Tg. Pinggir - Sekupang
Tel: +62 (778) 321201, 322944, 323700
Fax: +62 (778) 322883

Siti Nurbaya - The Perfection of Padang

Hi !!

after walking around in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall for about 4 hours , finally the mall was about to close, so we need to get out here, because of too enjoy shopping , I forgot to eat , and after out from the Mall, I feel so hungry .__. but don't know what to eat , because as I said before , they're so on time, so at 10 o'clock in the evening , they're all closed , and finally with hungry tummy I decided to go back to the hotel.

When arrived in the room, I just can't hold my hungriness , so I decided to go out again and try to find mini market or somewhere I can find food, and Luckily !! on the back of my hotel , there's a Padang Restaurant which still open, and quite crowded here hehe, so let's go there, the restaurant name is Siti Nurbaya, from the nane we already knowed that this is a padang restaurant , siti nurbaya is one the legend in west sumatra , you can google it haha.

Siti Nurbaya is located in Nagoya area too, opposite of Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, if you think is 't just a small restaurant , you're totally wrong , this is so big in case of padang food, but here, you won't find nasi padang haha, they provided sate padang , soto padang , nasi goreng ,mie goreng and also martabak mesir , the place is big and clean , the atmosphere is good too, you can hear a malay song, and many people here just sit and drink coffee hehe, but I have my late dinner here.

The services is good too, the owner threat me well and in this resto they look like so happy when I took some pictures here, and i start conversation with the owner , and when I said I took picture for my food blog , she's so happy haha, and I get discounts lhoo here :p so lucky am I haha.

Here's my first menu !!

>>Perkedel Kentang
Price : IDR 12.000

perkedel kentang is the best seller here, every table order it , and it sell by portion, 1 potion contain 8 pieces of perkedel , the shape of perkedel that we usually eat is 'gepeng' or flat , but here you can see like a ball , unique in shape and awesome in taste, they served it hot , when we order they will fry it ,in the outside the perkedel is so crispy and inside the potato feel so smooth , salty too, really good , and after my sate padang came, I eat this perkedel dip with the satay sauce, perfect !!

>>Sate Padang
Price : IDR 15.000

beside the perkedel, sate padang also the best seller here, the sate padang here is different , for the meat you can choose beef or chicken , yeah they sell chicken for the sate , but i prefer the beef, and the satay here already mixed between meet and veins , the meat is so tender , and the spice has perfectly absorbed, so good here, and satay here served in Pariaman style, you can see from the sauce which is reddish brown, taste strong and super great , in one portion already contain 10 satays and ketupat, and the final touch is the fried onion hehe, one of the best sate padang I've ever had, the tenderness of the meat make me crazy , and also the perfect sauce , yummmy

>>Padang Fried Rice
Price : IDR 13.000

Now here's fried rice in Padang style, looks like an usual fried rice but so different from the taste, they used balado chili like usually eat for ayam pop, so the fried rice looks red with chili inside it , the portion is big enough for me, but because of the taste, i can eat all of it , so good, simple sih, because this fried rice only contain vegetables, chicken , and fried egg, the fried rice cooked without egg, because the egg cooked itself like telor dadar, and served with pickels too , great taste here, nyam nyam

>>Martabak Mesir
Price : IDR 20.000

If you know Martabak Kubang, is not far away from it , martabak mesir, I don't know why the name martabak mesir even this is padang dishes, martabak here is just same as usual martabak, what makes different they use 'rendang' for the fill in, some of martabak seller put chopped meat right , yeah it same here, but the meat already cooked into 'rendang' that's the secret here, they use egg of course, and fried it slowly which make it so great and crispy outside but moist inside, perfect texture, the taste is awesome too, you get the salty , the sweet , everything , combine perfectly , and to enjoy it there;s a dipping sauce which made from vinegar dan soya sauce, the taste is sweet and sour more like 'pempek' sauce , inside it there's also small cut of onion, cucumber, carrot and also tomato, i just can't stop eating this martabak, so perfect !!!!

This is a perfect decision to eat here, even in the begining i didn't expect too much but finally i feel so satisfy, good area , so strategic , and friendly atmosphere , perfect taste and really kind owner, with reasonable price too, just happy  to have late dinner here, thanks Siti Nurbaya.

The Hungry Doctor

Siti Nurbaya
Komplek Seraya Mas Blok C No.1
Nagoya , Batam
(0778) 7213080

The Hills Restaurant - Happy Breakfasting!

Hi Hunger Mania,

Batam is the city with many attraction and mostly for shopping and also culinary journey , to go around Batam you need to take taxi or rent a car, and I prefer to rent a car ,because taxi here are so expensive *even the rental car is also expensive* , my hotel provided a rental car with the driver too, and I decided to take it , so my driver name is Mr.Yono , he's a javanese, but already lived in Batam about 7 years , so he already knowed everything here.

And after a long journey today, it's time for breakfasting, because my driver needed to breakfasting , so we decided to threated him in one of the great restaurant in Nagoya area, the name is The Hills Restaurant, this is a restaurant which just open in the afternoon, because they respect everyone who are moslems, this is a Buffet Restaurant , so here's ALL YOU CAN EAT , hahaha yeah I love AYCE so much , we can eat eveything with just a payment.

The restaurant is big enough, the decoration here is simple, and purple is a dominan colour here, you can eat everywhere here, it's all up to you here, the services here is self service , but if the food stock already empty , the waiter will take it and fill it with another menu, so good service, quick, so you won't find an empty tray, the place is also clean and has great atmosphere to eat here, for 1 person you need to pay IDR 46.500++ , last price maybe about IDR 52.000 per person hehe, it's all same between adult and child.

To start with I choose Kolak

the kolak here served hot , beacuse they put in pot , the kolak is little unique , this kolak only contain sweet plum potato, and so soft , it's so great , one of the best kolak i've ever had, the kolak is sweet as usual, but if we usually eat in warm condition, they served it so hot, but so good for the body, can prepare our metabolism to eat more, beside kolak , there's also Green Bean Soup

This is one of the soup too beside there's chicken soup but I didn't try it hehehe, this green bean mixed with red bean too , that's why the colour is little "butek" , the mixture of two kind beans become a good taste , they also use ginger here, so can make your body warm.

Let's go to another meal , they have many kind of food for maincourse, here's some that I try, I just put them together in a plate , there's fried rice , fried noodle, mixed vegetables, fried chicken , black pepper beef , cheese sausage and also stir soya with tomato sauce , tha last one is unique , I've ever tried it before when i was travelling to China and I like it so much , when I found it I decided to pick it hehe, taste great , sweet with the crunchy texture of soya bean.

Beside the unique soya sauce , there's cheese sausage which is really makes me addictive, the little cut of sausage taste so good, it was made from the mixture of chicken, prawn and also cheese, they fried it not to long , so the outside you'll the chewy and inside you can feel the melted cheese, actually the sausage itself already contain cheese, so double cheese, so good.

The fried chicken just usual, crispy enough, and after it I take a salad too , the salad is a simple salah with thousand island sauce which taste sweet and sour , and then I took a pastry, there's croissant and also raisin pastry , they're all good, the smell of butter is strong enough, and crispy too, you can eat it with butter , jam or dipped in soup hehe.

At last , finished it with fresh fruit hehe, we really enjoy our breakfasting time, and after that we're going back to Hotel and take some rest before ready to continue our culinary journey.


The Hungry Doctor

The Hills Restaurant
Jl Teuku Umar no 01  Batam 29432